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Construction cost in Bangladesh including rod,cement,sand,piling,sanitary

Rajuk faq regarding obtaining construction permit

Rajuk’s online service = Permit / Registration / Re-registration

Great site in Bangla about building construction, design and estimate

Rod estimate

Building made easy by Kabir steel

porcha,namjari etc definition

Building code, painting different process mentioned here:

Civil Engineering Study site

Estimate of rod, cemnt, bricks etc in one cubic meter

Detailed time required for construction in Bangladesh with associated cost from World Bank Survey

No. Procedure Time to Complete Associated Costs
1 Obtain cadastral survey map from Land Settlement Office

Agency: Land Settlement Office

3 days USD 25
2 Obtain zoning clearance

Agency: Rajuk (Capital Development Authority)

To obtain clearance, BuildCo must present proof of land ownership and the cadastral maps showing the exact site location. An anticorruption drive of the interim government of Bangladesh stemmed from massive violations of building regulations on one hand and collapse of buildings with casualties on the other hand impacted the work of some areas of construction regulation. Obtaining zoning clearance takes on average 2 — 3 months if no bribes are paid, while the time limit by law is 15 days.

45 days no charge
* 3 Obtain soil test report

Agency: Private Company

An external firm is generally hired for conducting a soil test.

24 days BDT 59,500
4 Obtain project clearance from the local authority (Ward Commissioner, Dhaka City Corporation)

Agency: Dhaka City Corporation

To obtain the local authority’s approval, BuildCo must submit an application with the proposed design plans. The approval may take anywhere from 3 to 7 days.

3 days no charge
5 Obtain project clearance from the Environmental Directorate

Agency: Environmental Directorate

The Environmental Directorate of Rajuk issues three types of clearances based on the type of establishment: green (nonpolluting), orange (low polluting), and red (high polluting). For the green category, the environmental clearance is issued for a fee of USD 25.00. If unofficial payments are made, the environmental clearance can be obtained in a week. For other categories, the cost and time to obtain a clearance are higher. To obtain a project clearance, the following documents are required, depending on the environmental category:
• Approval from the Ward Commissioner, Dhaka City Corporation
• Project profile, feasibility report, and drawings
• Land ownership documents
• Cadastral survey map and location map
• Trade license (copy)
• Registration of the Board of Investment (copy)
• EIA/ IEE/ EMP Report
• Fees payable to DOE

Fees by total project cost
USD 0–0.08 million: USD 25.00
USD 0.08 million–0.16 million: USD 50.00
USD 0.16 million–0.8 million: USD 80.00
USD 0.8 million–1.6 million: USD 160.00
USD 1.6 million–32 million: USD 400.00
USD 32 million–80 million: USD 800.00
USD 80-million and above: USD 1,600.00

Renewal fees by total project cost
USD 0–0.08 million: USD 5.00
USD 0.08 million–0.16 million: USD 12.00
USD 0.16 million–0.8 million: USD 20.00
USD 0.8 million–1.6 million: USD 40.00
USD 1.6 million–32 million: USD 125.00
USD 32 million–80 million: USD 250.00
USD 80-million and above: USD 400.00

30 days USD 80
* 6 Obtain fire safety clearance

Agency: Fire Department

15 days BDT 8,000
* 7 Obtain clearance from Dhaka Electricity Supply Co (DESCO)

Agency: Dhaka Electricity Supply Co (DESCO)

BuildCo must obtain the clearance from Dhaka Electricity Supply Co (DESCO) for the electrical plans.

15 days no charge
* 8 Obtain water and sanitation clearance

Agency: Dhaka Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA)

The plumbing plans must be cleared by the relevant agencies.

15 days no charge
9 Request and receive inspection from the City Development Authority (RAJUK)

Agency: City Development Authority (RAJUK)

Before the building permit is issued, the authorized officers must visit the site to ascertain its location according to the drawings and maps. However, with only a handful of officers and a massive number of applications, it is extremely difficult to comply with the original 30-day time limit established by the government. The procedure still takes 2 — 5 months on average.

60 days no charge
10 Obtain project clearance and building permit from the City Development Authority (RAJUK)

Agency: City Development Authority (RAJUK)

The approving panel of the City Development Authority (RAJUK) meets weekly to discuss cases. In early 2007, officials in the Ministry of Works imposed a 30-day time limit on the process. Applicants must obtain all relevants clearances, water, sanitation, electricity and a fire safety clearance certificate before applying for the building permit.
Each agency that provides approval is given a 7-day time limit, but it is generally not complied with.

105 days BDT 30,000
11 Receive random inspection from the City Development Authority (RAJUK)

Agency: City Development Authority (RAJUK)

According to the 2006 National Building Code, Section II, chapter 3, all inspections during construction are carried out by a structural engineer who must sign the certificate of supervision. However, a building officer from the City Development Authority may carry out one random inspection during construction to verify that the work is being done according to the approved plans

1 day no charge
12 Submit notice of completion and obtain the certificate of conformity

Agency: City Development Authority (RAJUK)

According to the 2006 National Building Code, chapter 3, section 3.3.4, the completion notice must be signed by the structural engineer who has supervised the entire construction phase. The notice of completion certifies that the building has been built in compliance with the existing regulations. The authorities may or may not inspect the building. It is only after receipt of this completion notice that the certificate of conformity can be issued.

21 days no charge
13 Request and obtain water and sewerage connection

Agency: Dhaka Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA)

10 days BDT 30,000
* 14 Receive inspection by tax inspector from Dhaka City Corporation upon completion of construction

Agency: Dhaka City Corporation

A tax inspector from the Dhaka City Corporation visits the site to assess the completed building. No appointment is necessary and there are no fees paid. The tax authority then sends the annual tax bill which will arrive 30 days later.

1 day no charge

* Takes place simultaneously with previous procedure.

It provides a price list which is correct as of 2009. One may adjust to the current price using 5% inflation rate.

Prominent companies name and location to buy items are mentioned.

Guide price of building materials including cement, rod, pipe, bricks with market location could be found here. However it is not mentioned that whether the price is updated or when it was posted.



Sylhet’s Online news portals, online newspapers, online version of print daily newspapers from Sylhet, Bangaldesh
IT has exclusive news section where investigative and crime related behind hte scene news are published.

News from SUST – Shahjalal University of Science and Technology
It has social media segment on the top.
concise selected news

In one page all districts under sylhet division are covered
Good design nice feel to see
Different format and well spaced , many things in one page with well spacing
Photog gallery segment is good
It has Print electronic journalists news from Sylhet
Print newspaper which has epaper too

English news portal focusing on Sylhet

Not that good

More links:




Every day different Balanced nutritional food for a week matching with food habits of Bangladeshi people

Detail info
lentils may be good source of protein
Guava has more vitamin than apple plus it has vitamin A
1 gm protein = 4 calorie
1 gm carbohydrate= 4 calorie
1 gm fat = 9 calorie

There is a list given with calorie for small portion of each thing like 30 gm
protiens like egg, peanut, dal or lentils.

Age wise description of foods

pic with indian meal

Please click here to download a compiled information file in Bangla.

Reference Intake (RI) (the new term for Guideline Daily Amounts (GDAs))

The RIs are benchmarks for the amount of energy (kilocalories), fat, saturated fat, carbohydrate, sugar, protein and salt that an average adult should consume each day. The RIs for fat, saturated fat, sugar and salt are maximum daily amounts. Don’t forget that we are all different with varying needs for energy and nutrients so this information is for guidance only:

Reference Intake (RI)
Energy (kcal) 2000
Protein (g) 50
Carbohydrates (g) 260
Sugar (g) 90
Fat (g) 70
Saturates (g) 20
Fibre (g) 24
Salt (g) 6

Perfect Portions


Foods Portion size
Carbs like cereal/rice/pasta/potato Your clenched fist
Proteins like meat/poultry/fish Palm of your hand
Savouries like popcorn/crisps 2 of your cupped hands
Bakes like brownies/flapjacks 2 of your fingers
Butter & spreads The tip of your thumb

Bangla books and ekushey boimela aka ekushey book fair organised by Bangla Academy

Bangla Academy website provides list of all published book

and it is usually updated

2017 ekushey boi mela published books are also available in, the first and largest online book selling store of Bangladesh

Good Bangla book site:

Links to free technical books

Bangla books may be read online here

Soviet books translated to Bangla

Bangla online books links

Picnic package price at resorts

Picnic package rate with description of food menu plus what are included in nicely provided in this site:

For example,Picnic at rangamati water front

  • Day Long Picnic Package
  • Minimum Groupsize: 50 and above
  • Per person Package cost: Tk. 1,799/- By  non A/C Bus
  • Child 0-3 years : fre

Picnic spots with address, package and picture in tabular concise format:

Resort staying rate with  address, package and picture in tabular concise format: for individuals could  be found here:

Job websites of Bangladesh

First and laregest online jobsite of Bangladesh. They also offer different workshop, certificate course and training. Now they design each hot job post differently to make it attractive.They have govt jobs, overseas jobs, deadline tomorrow, industry wise category, new jobs in 24 hours etc.
Forums in

Collection of job advertisements published in Newspapers as actual scanned epaper format:

Prothom alo jobsite is rebranded as> it has internship category.

General jobs are now posted a lot in

New entrant in the jobsite market supported by Sabirul Islam, British Bangladeshi motivational speaker.

Luxury launch Greenline Dhaka to Barisal

Green line water ways Economy 700 taka and Business 1000taka