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Reissue of Bangladesh Passport MRP aka renew or renewal

January 28, 2018

To renew MRP passport, that is called reissue, if nothing else is changed of details, one needs to fill out the vip form 2. It is a one page form and in the website a sample filled out form is shown. No hardcopy photo is required. Only one needs to take first 6 pages photocopies that should include the picture page of the passport. No attestation is required.

Form and sample filled out one with relevant information could be found here:

usual renew fee is 3450 BDT. The detail could be found in the dip website:

If one day passed after the expiry, one needs to pay the full fee for the following one year that is equivalent to 345 including VAT.

Following private Banks take passprot fee. Though it is supposed to be from any branch, it is better to ask the branch whether they take it.

One bank
Trust Bank
Bank Asia
Premier bank
Dhaka bank
Sonali Bank, a govt owned bank, also takes the fee.

In the bank, they need photocopy of old passport,just only the page containing a pic and name will be fine. For new one, may be national id or other photocopy might be required.

If the passport expires for even one day, one year fine is to be paid.

In one bank,they have posted how to write the slip on the top of the desk, you may follow that one. By the by, at the end they will give a receipt.

Trust uttara
Branch ID 0023
Address Holding-111/A (Ground & 1st floor) Road-7, Sector-4, Uttara, Dhaka-1230

One Bank Uttara Branch
House No.14, Road No. 14B, Sector No. 4
Uttara Model Town


If active visa remains in the passport,then it is required to inform them so that they could make some arrangement.

In the Department of Passport website, addresses of the regional local passport offices with their jurisdiction are provided. For example,
Uttara Regional Passport office
Plot#5, Road#03, Block#H, Sector#15, Uttara, Dhaka 1230

[it is just along Sector 12. After entering through Radical Hospital and Aroma Bazar, take Road no 3 and as you go along past the Priyanka mall, on the right the office could be seen]

Timing of Application Submission:
9:30AM – 02:00 PM (2nd Floor)

Timing of Passport Distribution:
9:30AM – 03:00PM (3nd Floor , Room 301)

Jurisdiction of Uttara Passport office:
Uttara, Dakhinkhan, Uttarkhan, Turag, Airport, Badda, Ashulia, Khilkhet.

From Rajlaxmi, rickshaw fare would be 40 taka.

In front of the office, there is a help desk and in a big board, detailed process is described. There are good toilets, prayer rooms for both male and female, Breast feeding room, lifts. Initially one needs to go to the Level 2(2 tala) and get the form checked. There are separate counters for male and female.

One needs to attach the bank receipt[for private bank,they give white printe copy and no need to give deposit slip] on the right top cornerwith stapler and put glue provided there. Photocopies of first six pages of the existing passport to be stapled on the left.

After that one needs to go to Level 4(4 tala). First get it stamped with room no and then take the queue. In the queure, some fixed chairs are provided – thats grand. Here as well, there are separate queue for male and female. For reissue, usually they will not take your phtograph again if that much chnge happens. Simply they will get your data by scanning and give you a print out.

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