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Lunch price in Dhaka at budget cheap restaurants

January 28, 2017

Bangladesh parliament cafeteria lunch
rice,dal,veg is 50 tk, chicken 50 tk, rui 60 tk,

Egg 30, chicken 30
rice+dal+vorta+vagi = 20 tk, If chicken or fish added,then it becomes 25 tk.

rice+dal++vagi+egg/fish/chicke =50 tk

khichuri 30 tk, chicken fired rice 30 tk, beef tehari 45 tk

egg+rice =35tk

lunch at 2 tk at shayestagonj olipur hobiganj industrial park canteen subsidized

Some organisations provide Lunch to their staff at discounted price like in BUET Teachers club 60 Taka and IUT,Gazipur at 70 Taka where menu includes vagi+fish/chicken/beef+dal.

Some budget restaurants usually called hotels locally offer lucnh for around 80 taka.

Lunch box providers for office also sells lunch box at around 70 taka.

Star Kabab and Hotel is famous in Dhaka for its cheap lunch, dinner and breakfast offering


Many Biryani outlets are sprung out across Dhaka like Nanna, Haji,Muslim etc and price range is almost similar like 120 tk to 140 taka just Biryani. Water or soft drinks are to be bought separately


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