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Eye treatment cost in Bangladesh

January 25, 2017

Cost of treatment like cataract(20,000 BDT) and other eye treatmetn cost in Ispahani eye hospital in detail

Lions eye Hospital, Agargaon,Dhaka a little description with price of cabins

cost one or two items mentioned in this blog post about Islamia eye hospital
Description    TK BDT
PRK (Both eyes)    Tk. 55,000/-
PRK (One eyes)    Tk. 28,000/-
PTK (Both Eyes)    Tk. 40,000/-
PTK ( One eye)    Tk. 20,000/-

For Lasik
Pre-Lasik Test    Tk. 5,000/-
Lasik Surgery ( Both eyes)    Tk. 50,000/-
Lasik Surgery ( One eye)    Tk. 25,000/-
Follow up charge    Tk. 500/- (For first post-op day only)

Cataract information

Differetn eye related proble information

Investigation different test charges

Treatment in Singapore nice informative article

Cost in Govt Hospital as of 2015


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