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Hostel for students in Dhaka,Bangladesh with price per seat and food cost

January 21, 2017

Usually one student has to pay around 3000 Taka per month for seat when shares with another person(in one room 2 students live). Food cost for breakfast,lunch and dinner for the whole month comes up as 3000 Taka. So in general one student needs to pay around 6000 taka per month.

For using comptuers or laptop, one needs to pay extra for electricity cost like 200 taka extra per month.

In few hostels, there are Airconditioned rooms.

List comprising of around 15 female hostels with price
1500 to 3000bdt

Well advertised female hostel Midas:


Nibedika Students Hostel says that this hostel has 50 branches all over the city. The owner Mustafizur Rahman has other women’s hostels too, such as Mohona, Apan Ghar and more
Eight hostels no pricing

Along with Nibedika student Hostel, Sadia, Rongon, Apan, Karnophuli, Ma Homes, Uttarbanga, Jui and more 150 students hostel are renowned in Dhaka.
seat1500+food 3500

room price given

rate given


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