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Uber Bangladesh latest information like fare, cost comparison

December 30, 2016

Uber Bangladesh website

Coverage: as of 2016, only in Dhaka City

Uber Bangladesh Twitter account

Fare  of Uber Bangaldesh Effective from 23 Jan 2017
Changes are limited to increase in the distance and time fare from Tk 18 per km to Tk 21 per km and from Tk 2 per min to Tk 3 per min, which will result in a 20% – 22% increase in the final fare.

Cost per min: BDT3
Cost per km: BDT21
Minimum charge: BDT50
Cancellation charge: BDT 50

Uber Fare Estimate for Dhaka, Bangladesh
One may find estimator in Uber Bangladesh Website and it shows the fare with a range. For peak time, they use price surging, so beware of that. Again, there is a cancellation fee of 50 Tk if cancellation is made after 5 mins the driver has started to go to your pick up point.

Uber help page for Bangladesh

Seems its charge close to CNG autorickshaw fare ,which is
Base fare: BDT40
Cost per min: BDT2
Cost per km: BDT12
Minimum charge: BDT40

Usually CNG charges double or atleat 1.5 times, so Uber price would be the same as CNG auto rickshaw.
One may use Google map to find distance. For example, distance between Uttara to Mohakhali fly over is around 12 Km.

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