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LLB Law course in Bangladesh under national university,cost and rules

December 19, 2016


Cost / Tuition fee

Admission for the first part is 5000 BDT and second part another 5000 BDT. There is a monthly tuition fee of 500 BDT on top of the above. Besiedes students have to pay National University Exam fee plus if the college takes test or prestest examt then they charge another 500 exam fee for test and antoher 500 BDT for pretest.

The oourse duaration is 2 years , so total cost woudl be 5000+5000+24*500+500+500+500+500= 24,000 BDT

Other information


Seven subject in first year

Seven subject in second year


Admission to the Law Colleges of Bangladesh

The Law Colleges of Bangladesh are conducting following courses:

The degree provided by the Law Colleges are two years (which is proposed to increase for three years) LL B ( pass) Certificate commonly provided by the National University. The Law Colleges was previously affiliated to the University of Dhaka, University of Rajshahi, University of Chittagong etc,….

(A student may apply for Bar Council exam with a LL B (pass) certificate to become a lawyer and also to the BJSC as a Judge ( other conditions applicable)…Please go to the web sites of BJSC and Bar Council linked to:

College verified by nu

Private uni
56 credit hours
around 93 k for per credit 1k

Admission Fees
S/N     Purpose     Amount (Taka)
1     Admission Form     300.00
2     Admission Fee, Registration Fee & Others     3200.00
3     Tuition Fee for Six Months     4200.00
4     Misecllaneous     2200.00
Total=     9900.00

Admission Information
S/N     Description
1     Qualification necessary to get admission:
1.a     Graduation Degree from a recognized University
1.b     Should have at least one 2nd division or G.P.A 2.5 from S.S.C to graduation

2     Time to get admission:
2.a     Distribution of admission forms starts from 1st June each year
2.b     Admission commences from 1st July each year
2.c     Admission closes on a date as decided by the National University or when pre-fixed number of seats are filled up (which ever is earlier)

3     Tuition & Admission Fees:
3.a     Monthly Tuition Fee: Tk.700.00 (Taka Seven hundred)
3.b     Admission fee and other charges: Tk.9900.00 (Nine thousand Nine hundred)

Different law colleges in Dhaka

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