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Printing and Photocopy cost color and black& white

November 27, 2016

Printing Cost (Black & White):
Normal Paper: 1.80/- (Single)
Good Paper:– 2.00/- (Single), 2.80/- (Both Side)

Printing Cost (Color):
Normal Paper: 2.50/- (Single)
Good Paper:– 2.70/- (Single), 3.40/- (Both Side)

Good paper means 80 gsm and normal paper is the photocopy paper that is usually 70-75 gsm

Nogor – nice looking site but no price

In shop nearby different educational institutions one guide price as follows:

Board Bazar just Khaleda Rashid educare one shop charges 5 tk for black and white print and 10 Tk for color print. For photocopy, it charge 2 tk per impression though for larger quanity it may go to 1.5 tk per impression. If 80 gsm pages are to be used, then chrage may be little hither. For BW they use low cost below 5k bdt laser printer and for color Epson inkjet printer.


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