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How to get new voter ID or national ID card in Bangladesh and do corredction if required

November 27, 2016

faq in Bangladesh govt site

online reg

required documents to register as a new voter

fee for different things like correction


New Voter ID Registration Process (National ID Card)

Upazill/Thana setup Upazilla/Thana Election Officers

At the lowest tier of the field organization, there are Upazilla/Thana Election Officers in all Upazilla/Thanas.
The main functions of the Upazilla/Thana Election Officer are to assist divisional/district offices in the discharge of functions relating to elections.

15 Thana Election Office Dhaka

For example, Lalbag Thana Election Office / officer is located in main central election comission office in Agargaon. The document says Lalbag Thana Election officer, Md.Najimuddin Bhuiyan,3rd floor left side, West Agargaon,Dhaka, Tel: 8157678, Mob 01716305749

This site shows phone no of upazilla head quarters but no address
DHAKA UEO, LALBAGH Upazilla Headquarter 02-9348823

List of Upazilla nirbahi Officer

List but no actual address

Usually in the Upazilla complex, one should find the ofice of Upazilla/Thana Election Officer.

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