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Iftar review 2016 for Uttara,Dhaka

July 10, 2016

For Uttara West side, it seems Royal Cuisine offered the best. They put up their iftar bazar just beside the office of Sector 3 Kallan Somiti. It is good place as cars could be parked and low traffic. Price is also mentioned infront of the items. So it is handy and prices are cheaper with such good location, decoration and brand value. They sold small mutton halim for 250 and small beef halim 200. It seems they had the best taste.

royal cuisine price list iftari Menu uttara20160613_161251

Kabab Factory provided spices for halim in a resealbe plastic small bag, that cool. As other provided in a plastic bag after stapling and one needs wary about the staple pin whether it gets into the halim while putting spices from the bag.

Kabab FActory 2016 Iftar Menu price_n

Labamba iftar pricey but not that tasty as the price tag implies.

Labamba Iftar Menu 20160708_202329

Lambada sold halim like watery dal,that did not taste good.

Lambada pg2 20160620_192016



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