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KDK Ceiling fan review,price and manual

June 18, 2016

KDK fan parently company is originally in Japan. Now they have factories all around like Malaysia, Singapore etc.

The fans that come to Bangladesh are from Malaysia.

Everywereh the models are almost same though nameing be a little different.

The key feature of KDK ceiling fan is lesser consumption of electricity. Normal ceiling fan consumes around 70 watt while KDK consumes around 44 watt.

For Bangladesh as it is very humid, it is suggested to go for 52 or more inches blades.

Installation of KDK is little different than usual ceiling fans in Bangladesh. So it is advised to follow the manual to install KDK fans.

4550 from panna elect 44 watt 1 yr warranty

kdk fan user manual
bd one is M48XG guess its close enough with sg

pictorial installation description by an ordinary perosn

Price and specification
ceiling fan
KDK 56 Inch Ceiling Fan For your Home/office.Made in Malaysia
Price:- 4600/-
Want to get this Fan at Home Delivery?Contact with us now at 01816061243
AB Super Market,Azampur,Uttara
Open 24 Hours

KDK M48XG 48″ Ceiling Fan – White Made in Malaysia
seems good with just 44watt usual fans uses 70watt
Key Features
Model: M48XG
Standard regulator series
3-blade design
Prevention of product falling off
Compact size of regulator
48 inches (1,200mm) blade span
Compact size condenser controlled regulator and 5-speed selection. Cut-off safety switch equipped. Fall prevention of blade adopted. Safety wire provided to prevent detachment of fan motor from rod. Thermal fuse prevents overheating or power surge. Permanently lubricated ball bearing assembly
Sold by Panna electronics
Like it I will go for it.

KDK Malaysia is famous with Ceiling Fans, General Fans, Ventilating Fans, Air Curtains and Air Moving Equipment with more than 300 authorised dealerships. It is basically japan brand since 1909
Please be informed that all ceiling fans with regulators are come with a standard 12” fan rod. You may purchase original longer fan rods from us to best suit your ceiling height. The recommended height from fan blade to floor is 2.5m to 3.0m (Link). The delivery lead time is 3 weeks for new order.

original japan website

Kawakita Denki Kigyosha (Japanese for “Kawakita Electric Company”; commonly known as KDK), is the brand name used by Matsushita Ecology Systems Co., Ltd., a separate company of the Panasonic Corporation (formerly the Matsushita Electric Industrial Group) now Panasonic Ecology Systems Co. Ltd., to manufacture the group’s ventilating products. Before becoming part of Matsushita Electric, KDK was a separate company not affiliated with Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd. KDK was registered as a trademark in 1912 but originated in 1909 as Nippon Electric Industry Co. Ltd.



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