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Online Train Tickets buying in Bangladesh, procedure and restrictions

June 11, 2016

Train tickes could be bought online using visa,mastercard deit and credit card and soem other banks card like DBBL nexus

screenshots of how to purchase Bangladesh Train ticket online including initial registration could be found here:

How to Buy Bangladesh Railway(Train) Ticket Online

One needs to regiser with Bangladesh Railway ticketing system. For registration one valid mobine no rquired where sms and other verification informatin woudl be sent.A valid email is also required where password, eticket and invoice would be sent.

One person cannot buy more than four ticket in a month or within 30 days for a given destination.

One person can buy four plus four that is eight tickets altogether for a given month for two destination.

Tickets are on sale just only five days ahead of departure like the counter(e.g. tickets for journey date 24th july can be purchased from 20th july).

Ticket could be bought only during daytime and some part of the evening as mentioned in the website.

From the originating station as mentioned in the ticket one needs to collect printed ticket from a designated counter(at Dhaka and Bimanbondor station designaterd counters are available) or usual counter(in Sylhet station its just usual counter). In the counter just showing the printed copy or telling the no is fine. If there is no printed copy counter person may ask for identification document.

One person may not buy tickets suing other persons credit or deoit card.

AC tickets are shown in the system from Dhaka station. Airport station called Bimanbandar station does not show up AC ticket in the system. Be noted if orginating sation is Dhaka as you bought the ticket, you need to go to Dhaka station to get the printed ticket, you could not get it from Airport station. If your orginating station as you selected during buying is Airport station, only then you could collect the printed tikcet from Airport sation.

Mobile ticketing for Bangladesh Railway:

Online tickets for different transport links could be found here:

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