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Ena Dhaka-Sylhet-Dhaka Bus fare, route,ticket types,contact no

May 7, 2016

Ena Transport also known as Ena Paribahan / poribohon operates bus towards Sylhet and its route Mohakhali-Uttara-Sylhet. So one can hop on from Mohahali or Uttara in Dhaka.It usually takes 6-7 hours and they have buses almost every hour though AC buese are available in every four hours like.AC buses have legspace like business class in renowned airlines(pic of AC seat :  )

Ena ticket price
Dhaka-Sylhet one way AC bus = 800 Taka
Dhaka-Sylhet one way Non AC bus = 470 Taka

20160421_014108s ena tikcet dhaka sylhet

If one buys tickets from website like, it may be little higher than counter price.

Contact mobile phone no of Ticket counters of Ena Transport / Poribahan at different places
Uttara B.G.B Market : 01760 737 651

Tongi Station :01760 737 653
Mohakhali Bus station: 01619 737 650
Sylhet Bus Terminal :01619 737 656
Shahjal Majar gate(Sylhet) counter:01764 543432
Sobhanighat (Sylhet) counter: 01680292430
20160416_212316s ena counters phone


Ticket selling procedure
One needs to buy tickets from their couners, online selling tickets through or their own has not been started. Tickets are sold only one day ago for non ac and for ac, two days advance ticket may be bought[however better to contact them first to make sure].Each counter is allocated some seats, for example Uttara counter has been allocated A,B,C,D rows. However  other rows could be bought but in this counter salesperson to contact with other counters. Some days tickets are non refundable and that is mentioned with a seatin the ticket.

20160416_212300 seat position
User review of Ena bus services:

Ticket rules::

20160416_212341s ena rules

Front of the ticket

20160416_212249 ena ticket front

Inside the bus
AC bus has quite good leg space, usually loarger than economy class leg space in the plane, quite like business class plane seat.

There is audio or video entertainment service.

During Jumma,usually the bus stops nearby a mosque to let passengers pray.

One guide is always there. In the beginning of the journey a bottle of water is provided. In Dhaka-Sylhet route, the bus stops at Razmoni Highway inn to let passengers use the washroom facilities and take some little snacks that cos around 100 BDT per person. Tips may be given like 30 BDT to cleaning person and the waiter. Make sure to check the bill as by mistake on the rush things might not come up properly. People usually take parata shobji and tea. On the route from Sylhet-Dhaka, it stops at Saiham Inn nearby Hobiganj.

Sylhet’s main bus stand or station or bus terminal is Kadamtali bus stand/station which is also called central Bus Station/Terminal of Sylhet. It is nearby Sylhet Rail station. One can hop off at Humayun Rashid chattar or squre which is two minutes away from the central bus station. From Humayun Rashid square it would be easier to get autorickshaw(CNG). A few guide Autorickshaw(CNG) charges  are:
Kadamtali bus station/Humayun Rashid Chattar – SUST = 180 BDT

Kadamtali bus station/Humayun Rashid Chattar – Ambarkhana/Majumdari = 150 BDT

Bus frequency aka Bus timetable
Almost every hour non AC bus available.
AC bus service is available on 840 am, 1130 am, 4pm and 1155 pm. Sometimes there is 240 pm AC bus service.


Time taken for the whole journey
usually it takes around 6 hours inclusive of stoppage for refrehsment and prayer.


Facebook page(official) of Ena Transport:

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