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Rent a car in Uttara, Dhaka: selected on web presence and information provided

March 6, 2016

Here goes the handpicked selected list of rent a car service provider in Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The list is made based on information found over internet. It looks whether key information is provided in the internet like rent price chart, contact, trust building initiative like referrals, uploading of ids,certificates etc.

  1. seven star rent a car owned by Michael Shikder comes at the top. One  of the reason is that it is difficult to trust a rent a car provider in Bangladesh. Thus he has taken the innovative idea of uploading his national id, birth certificate, trade license, bank account certificate, name of the staff members. Further rent chart and lot of information is proved in the website. It seems the owner likes technology specially internet.
    Michael Shikder
    Seven rent a car .

    Office Location:     Seven Rent-A-Car,
    House# 61 (Ground Floor), Road# 18, Sector# 11,
    Uttara , Dhaka-1230 , Bangladesh. Phone; 01611511616
    Counter Location:     Seven Rent-A-Car,
    Rent-A-Car Stand , Sonargao Janapath Road ,
    Sector# 13 ,Uttara , Dhaka-1230 , Bangladesh.
    Phone:     +8801611511616 ; 01911511616 ( Michael Shikder)
    +8801918-276768 ; 01911976495 (Counter Operator)
    +8801911976497 ; 01712971474 ( Office Manager )
    +8801818723047 ; 01618723047 ( Md.Manik Sikder Milon) Executive officer
    Hotline [24 Hours]:     01611511616 and 01818169316

  2. Sarker Rent A-Car
    Office: Sector#03, Road# 02, Plot # 58,
    It has got good web presence and rent chart in the website.Daily Rent: Tk. 2,200-2,500 [10 hours] + Tk. 300/hour Will be Applicable After 10 hour. Pricing Around Out Of Dhaka City- Daily Rent: Tk.2500 – 3000 [Mawa/Savar/Narayngang/Gazipur/ManikGong/Mymonsing]:

    – Daily: Tk. 3,000-4,000 [10 hours] + Tk. 300/hour will be applicable after 10 hour.


    CNG & FUEL must be supply by user / Other, Hiace per Kilometer 10tk, AC BUS 10tk, NOHA per kilometer 08tk, Private Car 08tk.
    5. Driver Overtime after 10 hours, per hour 40tk.
    6. Driver Lunch purpose 100tk per day paid by user.

  3. Sayem Rent a car
    per day cost plus per km fule cost, good idea
    Phone: 01876-002244 , 01977-755007  Noor Mohammad(Shagor) Owner
    Phone: 01876-002255 Manager
    Office Address:   Sayem Rent A Car,
    House# 40 (Ground Floor), Road# 19, Sector# 13,
    Uttara , Dhaka-1230 , Bangladesh.
    Counter Address: Sonargao Jana path Road, Plot # 27, Sector # 13, Uttara Model Town Dhaka Bangladesh, (Rent A car Stand).
  4. Chalo mobile app and call centre  based innovative rent a car solution

    Dhaka City/4hours BDT 1490/$20

    Airport Pick up and Drop BDT 1290BDT/$17

    Pick up and Drop (Dhaka City) BDT 990/$14

    Pick up and Drop (Nearby Dhaka City) BDT 1990/$25

    Full Day(Dhaka City)/10hours BDT 2990/$40

    Full Day(Nearby Dhaka City)/10hours BDT 3490/$40

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