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restaurants in Bangladesh with menu and price plus frontside photo

January 24, 2016

BDFOODNAVI – Bangladesh Food Navigator Com
@it is the best one. Regularly updated,photos of the restaurant,good search option visual and typing,menu with price,suggested food.I am little surprised as it does not come up at the top 10 list for related search in Google.The site also mirror site named
uttara restaurants found in bdfoodnavi:

Menu with price also found in this relatively new site. At first the menu with price shown inside the webpage with surrounding item.Then on the top of the table, one could click to get as separate pdf file – thats nice of them.

Lately two food delivery order taking websites namely hungrynaki and foodpanda have become popular. These two could be seen for menu with price too.

Selected restaurants in Dhaka by :

Foodbangla is an earlystarter however does not have larger listing.

Reviews on food could be found here:
Priyo has started a new review site that includes restaurants too:

previously there were two good sites namely petuk and khadok.But these two are not online anymore.   [its in Bangla, may use translate google to translate to English]

The price of food in better restaurants are close to the price in London and other major western cities. However, if you pop into normal restaurants that usually visited by lower income people, price would be really cheap.

Address and contact information of some traditional sweet(misti) shops, bakery shops(for cakes,snacks etc) and restaurants could be found here in website:

By clicking on the top menu for different types of food, one can see the list of food restaurants,bakery, sweets shops address, price list[all are in Bangla, to translate you may use google translate]:

Old Dhaka food is a special variety following the historic tradition of Mughal foods. Related info and restaurants regarding Old Dhaka food could be found here[Bangla site]:

Menu with price of different leading restaurants of Bangladesh could be found here:

Fast food price in Sylhet with Chicken Hut:

International chain food restaurants in Bangladesh

In major cities, some well known international food restaurants are available. These include –

KFC Bangladesh

Pizza Hut in Bangladesh

Nandos in Bangladesh

 International Coffee chain shops in Bangladesh

Gloria Jeans Coffee

Coffee World

Self catering

If you would like to cook yourself, then you may directly go to any leading superstores to buy all types of food items, spices, vegetables, oil, cooking utensils etc.

The three leading superstores that have branches in all major cities of Bangladesh including Dhaka and Chittagong are:

Meena bazaar – a leading chain supermarket of Bangladesh – has online price list:


Shwapno – another large chain superstore – an Online grocery store with home delivery and item price list:

 Relevant information:

Eating out average cost guide as provided in Board of Investment Bangladesh website:

Eating out (per person)
Formal 3-course dinner at top restaurant US$ 40-80
Simple meal at coffee shop of a 5-Star hotel US$ 10-20


Price comparison of Bangladesh grocery items with UK superstores


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