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How to apply ONLINE for passport in Bangladesh, machine readable passport (MRP) in Bangladesh

January 10, 2016

First part of the passport application procedure could be found here:

For online application of MRP Passport, one should go to Bangladesh Government Passport website:
It has a very well written online MRP instruction which could be accessed by clicking the tab available on the top right of the above website.It comes up as pdf file.

One needs an active email to get application id and password delivered to this email. One may partially fill out the online application form and come back later. Then he could open up the form with the password sent to his email.Besides,an active mobile no is required to get the text message when passport is ready.

Payment could be made any branches of the five private banks in person. These banks are: Dhaka Bank, Bank Asia, Premier Bank, One Bank and Trust Bank. Selected branches of Sonali bank also collects passport fee.

Further, online payment could be done through credit card.

Fee information could be found here:


a) Regular 21 days : BDT 3,000 + VAT BDT 450 Totaling BDT 3,450

b) Express 7 days: BDT 6,000 + VAT BDT 900 Totaling BDT 6,900

In the online application form, one needs to fill out the reference no of the payment and the bank name where the payment is deposited. There is a box for branch name but the list of branches does not come up. So this may be kept empty as it is not mandatory to provide the branch name.

As some new thanas(police stations) are created lately one may check with his locality.

At the completion of the online application form,a pdf file is generated. A print out of this is required. The print out better be taken on both sides of the page. In this printed pages with filled out information, referee would fill out with his stamp and signature.

The passport office where the form is to be submitted comes up too at the end according to the present address provided.

Online application remains valid for fifteen days. After that it is automatically deleted.

A text message would be sent to the mobile no provided when passport is ready.

In Agargaon central passport office, first receipt is taken and then passport is handed over  when called through loudspeaker. The applicant is advised to collect his passport on his own as it may not be delivered to another person.

Screenshots of the online application form for MRP passport in Bangladesh could be found here:

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