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different things price related to organising Conference Symposium Festival Competition

January 10, 2016

lunch box chicken egg polao in plastic box with plasic sppon    Star Kabab Elephant road    135 BDT per box

Lunchbox with chicken egg polao in plastic box with would cost 100 BDT per box if less famed restaurant is given order.

Drinking water jibon small        9 BDT per bottle

Drinking water Spa 500 ml 11 BDT per bottle

IEB seminar room rent with mic,projector,screen,laptop,chairs                10000 BDT    full day rent

T shirt any color    80 BDT per piece

Screen print of Tshirt    40 BDT per piece with front and back print with more than two colors. If just two colors price tag may be 25 BDT per piece.

Auto seal 30th size    500 BDT

Banner digital print     35 BDT per sqft multicolor inclusive of pvc thing. Generally 12 feet horizontal and 5 feet vertical- 60 sq feet is the norm.

Corksheet 1 feet cut as letter 75 BDT per 1 ft

Fevicol 2nos and anticutter        200 BDT

Certificate printing multicolor inclusive of 120 GSM paepr is 25 BDT per certificate

Envelope large one is 3 BDT per envelope

50 thermo cups in 1 pack just 1 GBP. so each cup costs 2.5 BDT Perfect for parties and events where hot drinks are being served.
– See more at:

Different types of paper cups with price in uk has one time plastic glass cost around 4 BDT per glass. However I think it should be cheaper in other markets say around 2 BDT per thermo cup or glass made of plasctic or paper.Plastic spoon also costs around 1.5 BDT per spoon at

metallic end pen cost around 15 BDT per pen. For printing on the pen extra 10 to 15 BDT per pen may be required.

Crest with wooden frame 15 inches X 12 inches costs 2500 BDT per crest

Crest with box 9 inches X 7 inches cost 750 BDT per crest

Demo cheque 3feet X 1.5 Feet cost 520 BDT per cheque

300 gsm duplex board four color printed shopping tote bag 14 inches X 11.5 inches X 2.75 inchescost 16 BDT per bag

Lanyard (string with plastic id cover) costs 15 to 20 BDT per piece without any print in the string.

Note book hard bound with spiral 80 pages 55 BDT per note book

Poster 1000 piece four color print in A3 size(two A4 size) cost 6000 BDT

Flower basket cost 250 BDT per basket
Flower boquet with wrapping 200 BDT per boquet

Large stand fan rent 400 BDT per day

120 pp art paper four color print per forma(8 pages make a forma) costs 15000 BDT

BRTC double decker bus hire 14000 BDT per day. Special rate for educational institute is 11000 BDT per day.


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