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Divorce Procedure in Bangladesh

October 25, 2015

Please note Muslim Divorce in Bangladesh does not require any court proceedings.
(3) save as provided in sub-sec(5),a talaq, unless revoked earlier, expressly or otherwise ,shall not be effective until the expiration of ninety days from the day on which notice under sub-section (1) is delivered to the chairman.



If the wife does not get the notice, what would happen?

If reconciliation occurs mutually without the intervention of chairman/arbitration council but not notified to the registrar or the divorce notice not formally withdrawn, what would be the implication?

The above two questions are not explicitly answered in any of the lweb information found.

The process of divorce is very simple in Bangladesh just in three steps to divorce for both Husband and Wife wanting separation; i) Giving Notice in written, ii) Facing the Arbitration Board, iii) After expiry of 90 days, taking a registration certificate from Registrar.

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just stated, none of these grounds [are] sanctioned by law. In other words, the law does not require a woman seeking divorce to have the notice sent by the Kazi or in the notice format of the Kazi office. These grounds are simply the vagaries of the Chairmen of the Arbitration Council and the Kazis. To make matters worse, women fall victim to bribery within the Dhaka City Corporation to secure their divorce certificates. The government has set a fee of Tk 100 for registering divorces. However, until today none of our clients have been able to register their divorces under Tk. 400.

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