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CNG, gas, electricity price hike in August 2015. then in June 2017

September 14, 2015

As of 1 June 2017, the latest increase is as follows:

CNG for automobiles has been increased to 40 TK per cubic meter.

For domestic usage, single burner is charged 900 BDT per month and two burner stove is charged 950 BDT per month. For metered domestic gas stove, it is 11.20 BDT per cubic meter. [correct on 1 June 2017]

gas price 2017 june titas


Earlier hike in August 2015 as appears below:

CNG for automobiles has been increased to 35 TK per cubic meter from previous 30 taka.

Starting September 1, home users will have to pay Tk200 more for using single and double gas burners and Tk0.18 more for using every unit of electricity.

monthly bill for single gas burners will be Tk600 – instead of the current Tk400 – and that of double burners Tk650 – instead of Tk450 effective from Sept 1, 2015. Thus, the average price hike for this utility stands at 26.29%

Currently, each unit of electricity costs a retail user Tk6.15. From next month, this will be Tk6.33, which means this tariff will see a 2.93% raise. However, those domestic users who consume between 1-50 units per month – the “lifeline tariff” slab – will continue to pay the old prices.

The BERC yesterday also announced a Tk0.23 or 4.93% higher tariff per unit for bulk consumption of electricity, propelled by a 0.05% rise in transmission charges. This means that the wholesale price of every unit of electricity will rise from Tk4.67 to Tk4.90.

he regulator has hiked retail power tariffs – in the Tk3.83-Tk11.98 range – for the other slabs as well which apply to small industries, non-residential and commercial offices, medium voltage (11kV general use), extra high voltage (132kV general use), high tension (33kV general use), street lights and water.

nice infographic in the Dhaka Tribune

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