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Bus, Minibus, CNG Autorickshaw fare hike announced in Sept 2015

September 14, 2015

Bangladesh government has now hiked fares of CNG-run buses, minibuses and auto-rickshaws operating in Dhaka city, and five nearby districts, as well as Chittagong city as announced in Sept 2015.

Bus passengers, according to the latest fares, will be charged Tk1.70 for each kilometre of travel instead of the existing Tk1.60 while minibus fares have been raised to Tk1.60 per kilometre from the existing Tk1.50.

Auto-rickshaw passengers will be paying Tk40 for the first two kilometres of travel, up from the existing Tk25, and Tk12 for the following kilometres each, which is currently set at Tk7.64.

Passengers will also be charged Tk2 per minute for travel intermissions instead of the existing Tk1.40.

Auto-rickshaw drivers give a daily deposit of Tk600 to the owners but this amount has been raised to Tk900.

the minimum fare for buses and minibuses would remain the same.

At present, Tk7 and Tk5 are minimum fares for traveling by bus and minibus respectively.

nice infographic published in the Dhaka Tribune:


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