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Online voter id new ones and correction of data of the existing ones in Bangladesh

March 16, 2015

Starting from 2015, the citizens of Bangladesh could apply for national id also known as voter id online. Further correction like address change of the existing national id or voter id could be done online. Details could be found here:

A report on this published in the daily Kaler Knatho could be found here [Bangla]:

Things that could be done online regarding national identity card or voter identity card are as follows:

* The information and update

* Change of Address

* Voter Area Transfer

* Reprint

* Change the picture

* Meet your information database

* Know the status of the application up

Registration will be the Election Commission official website:

Then click on the “registration form to fill in the section. This site https format may be written as if your Firefox browser This Connection is Untrusted. The solution in this case is the first ‘I Understand the Risks’- click. On the warning page … in the fall. ‘I Understand the Risks’- need to click on. The ‘Add Exception’- by clicking the’ Confirm Security Exception’- open when you click on a page (online forms) would be.

If you are a voter or already have national id/voter identity card, you need to fill up the form for online system registration. In the online form, you need to key in National identity card number, date of birth, phone number (verification code will be sent to this number), e-mail address, the password will be present and permanent address of the first 13 digits of the ID number, date of birth should be. Suppose, your national ID number 3928506955655 and birthyear is1985, then your nation id would be 19853928506955655 . According to information provided at the time of the voters present and permanent address of the cell division, district, Upazila / Thana be selected. The password must be from 1 to 8 digits, and it will be capital letters and numbers. For example, password may be InfoPedia71

After all the information filled in the form , write down the words or numbers shown in the captcha , then click ‘Register’ button . An activation code will be sent to the mobile phone. When asked for the code, it should be keyed in for verification. After the end of the registration process you will be asked to log in.

Registration :

The national identity card number, date of birth, passwords, and fill the house to capture the ‘front’ Clicking a code will be sent to the mobile phone, and a new form will open. The National ID number and the phone will log in with the new activation code. After entering the code will become your Account Active. Two minutes is not actually in the mobile code, click on the code pathana. You can log-in link below giyeo

The corrected data

After logging in, your full name, national id number, date of birth, father and mother’s name, marital status, and show information. The data will change, address change, voters area transfer, reprint, change the picture, the application options, including the status of the helm. At the bottom of the description of these options, change the data in the form of cards, and can be changed by clicking on the corrected data.

Wrong tathyasambalita national identity can be denied due to a variety of services to citizens. The habitat modification or other reasons may require voters to change or correction. Reprint national identity may be required. By clicking on the information needs to be updated. Please print the form of data changes to update the information. Submit a scanned copy of the signed form to be printed online. Documents required to be submitted in support of the change in the information online, scan and copy in color.

Changes in national identity photos

‘Cute’ After clicking on the combo box to select from the district. Presented on the screen for taking pictures in the calendar to select the dates of the green color of your convenience. Can know the current status of the application, the application up in the section of the screen.

Registration for the new voter:

If it is not registered as a voter can apply online. Voters will go to apply for the following linke

After more than 18 years of age, the voter list, expatriate or excluded voters can register through this process. If the voter does not need to apply again. Again, if the application is registered, it is a criminal offense.

Online voters like to read the terms and I accept registration forms to fill out and click cai. Registration step by step will be to fill in all the information. His full name must meet all of the data in Unicode Bengali. After completion of all steps to verify the information provided to you through the preview. Create PDF files online, print it out and submit the required documents to the closest office. Information and addresses will be made after verification of your national identity card. Take the time to collect your enaaidi card receipts to the deadline for submitting papers.

The required documents:

National ID Name (Bengali / English) and the SSC will take to correct the date of birth certificates, educational qualifications, if the SSC and the government, autonomous, semi-autonomous or if an organization serving the service book / Monthly Payment Order (MPO); In other cases, the national ID cards passport / birth certificate of registration / license / license / certified copy Kabinanama. Radically change the name of religion, or any other court costs in addition to these documents, edited copy of the affidavit and notice published in national dailies.

Due to marriage or divorce, or any other part of her husband’s name with the name (title) must submit additions or deductions or to modify Kabinanama / deed of divorcement / death certificate / court affidavit signed / certified copy of the divorce decree.

Mother or father to take amendment SSC, HSC certificate (certificate mother / father’s name will be mentioned), and the father, mother, brother and sister, a certified copy of the national identity. The mother or the father’s name ‘dead’ additions to or deductions for costs, death certificate or a certified copy of their national identity and stay alive to support the Chairman / Mayor / Councilor certificate. Blood group additions or corrections required medical certificate. Permanent and present address, or change the electoral area (Home / Loan / g / street / PO) in anticipation of the need to back up the address / telephone, gas or water bills / rent agreement / rent receipt certified copy. National Identity in reprinting costs of the police diary (GD) copies and recently taken pictures.

Officer will investigate the spot if necessary. Required documents could be attested by Member of Parliaments, the elected local government officials, gazetted government officials, and Heads of secondary and higher educational institutions.

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