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Tidy Organised space – how such could be achieved?

December 9, 2014

Tidy Organised space

Everything should have a place. And the corollary put everything back to its place.

Make invisible for things that could not be properly kept in open format. For this, covering, curtain, drawers etc may be used.

Shine – atleast keep things dust free. For this you may have to do dust removal everyday especially where dust are abundant.The floor may be chosen with appropriate color like chocolate color so that dust could not be seen. By the by, black is not a good choice as dust which is kind of white things becomes visible.

Natural plant – nothing increase the beauty of a space than natural plants. So place natural plants wherever possible.

Smooth – smooth things like crystal looksbetter.

White space – like graphic design for printing or website, there should be kept some white space or empty space

Paint – do the painting whenever possible or replace with things that do not require painting[e.g. brick wall instead of cement wall].

Set limits – if something comes in, one things should go out.

One is best priniciple


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