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customer service to the fullest with extra mile walked

December 9, 2014

If there is a not a procedure to check the correctness or availability on the date promised, make sure to see yourself or ring them to check it is actually arrived. If not checked, most of the time things go wrong and non available. In generally, human beings needs to be reminded and chased if not a proper built in checking system is there.

Forgive. Try to suggest system that would increase accuracy rather than putting the burden on people.


Give something when you fail to meet something. For example, free return air ticket given by Emirates when it could not give boarding due to overbooking to a customer.


Set the expectation little lower and then go overboard.

Free: Give something for free

Change without fuss: no questions asked, everything would be returned.

Great usable ideas for exceeding customer expectation:

Life time guarantee

Small tangible free gift

Follow up with the customer how the product is working, better from the top level.

Make the Last Part of the Transaction Positive

Better information [teach not sales pitch]

One stop service

Give them more of what the customers asked for

Give the customers what they did not asked for

Alliance with non competitive business

Ask for referrals; if you are satisfied with our service please refer to your friends

Simple three words: Hi, Thanks, Sorry

Commit less, deliver more: If you are not sure, don’t commit. For example, if you want to deliver tomorrow but there is no procedure in place to ensure this and inform the customer about the status, it is better to ask the customer to ring to confirm about it rather than committing the delivery but failing to do so.

Last part and first impression – both are very important

A beautifully written(well the language is so empathetic, it is sure to be called beautiful) when commitment could not be kept:

Amazing Customer Service Taxi Cab Story

It is worth listening the above youtube video. It tells the story of a taxi driver who offers free newspaper, candy, take the luggage and put into the boot, shows a fountain on the way without any charge, takes the business card, sends thank you note by email, every Christmas sends card, Amazing story!

Now on the rare occasion when one of my customers has an issue, I make sure to give them extra to cover their inconvenience.

The Routine Follow-up , it’s a great thing.

Sometimes the best way to win a life long customer is to go the extra mile to take care of the customers who have the negative experiences.

Giving away some free things always feel good no matter what the buying capacity of the customer

People like eating

According to the Harvard Business School, an increase in customer retention by just 5 percent, can lead to an increase in profits by 25 percent to 95 percent.

Use whitepapers and eBook guides to show that you’re the expert

Selling is like helping people to find an answer

Great customer service is like making the life of other persons easier.

Aha moment – sometimes customers don’t know what they want, but only realize after they got it.


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