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Toll or charge of using Jatrabari-Gulistan Flyover(Mayor Mohammad Hanif Flyover)

November 11, 2014

Salient Features of Jatrabari-Gulistan Flyover(Mayor Mohammad Hanif Flyover)

Total length including ramps 9 km.

  • 13 Ramps (6 entry ramps, 7 exit ramps) to connect with existing road network and bus terminal.
  • Pre- cast; pre stress segmental box type Superstructure.
  • 4 lane divided carriageway for movement of traffic in both the directions.
  • Minimum clear height along the carriageway under the flyover will be 5.5 m in accordance with the AASHTO, IRC and 7.2 m at level crossing in accordance with Bangladesh railway.

Toll or charge of using Jatrabari-Gulistan Flyover(Mayor Mohammad Hanif Flyover)

According to DSCC, the toll collection rate for a single trip over the flyover is Tk150 for a six-wheeler truck, Tk200 for a trailer, Tk100 for a four-wheeler truck, Tk150 for a bus, Tk100 for a minibus, Tk75 for a pickup van, Tk50 for a microbus, Tk40 for a jeep, Tk35 for a car, Tk10 for an auto-rickshaw and Tk5 for a motorbike.

However, drivers and locals alleged that staff from Orion Infrastructure Ltd charging Tk260 for six-wheeler trucks, Tk173 for four-wheeler trucks, Tk375 for trailers,Tk260 for buses, Tk173 for minibuses, Tk130 for pickup vans, Tk85 for microbuses, Tk70 for jeeps, Tk60 for cars, Tk18 for auto-rickshaws and Tk10 for motorbikes.

Areas Covered:

It was decided that the flyover will begin from the crossing of the Nawabpur Project Description:Road and Fazle Rabbi Road. The alignment will follow Sahid Dr. Fazle Rabbi Road, keeping Gulistan garden, Bangabhaban and Rajdhani Market on the left. It will intersect the Hatkhola Road at the Tikatuli crossing. The alignment will also intersect Atish Dipankar Road at the Saidabad crossing and intersect the Dhaka – Narayaganj Road at the Jatrabari crossing after crossing the Khal Bridge. It will end on Mukti Sarani towards Chittagong. But after the modification of the plan the project the two end of the flyover has been extended to the Shanir Akhra of Dhaka-Chittagong Highway, Polashi, Narayangonj Link Road.



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