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Land registration and property transfer procedure in Bangladesh

November 8, 2014

The following steps are required t o completed if anyone likes to buy an apartment or a piece of land for either residential or business purposes:

  1. Confirm the record of rights from the Land Office
  2. Conduct mutation on property
  3. Obtain inspection for RS mutation
  4. Obtain the non-encumbrance certificate from the relevant sub-registry office
  5. Prepare deed of transfer and pay stamp duty
  6. Pay capital gains tax, registration fee, VAT and other taxes at a designated bank
  7. Apply for registration at the relevant Sub-registry
  8. Register the change in ownership at the Land Revenue Office

For detail of the above mentioned steps, please check out the following two links:

Excellent Information in Bangla regarding land registration and transfer in Bangladesh[please use Google translate to get translated to English]:

Relevant information:

Comprehensive information about ‘The Law of Registration in Bangladesh but the webpage is not readable due to ridiculous selection of background color and font color :

How to check the ownership of a property in Bangladesh

Photo of an upazilla land office in Bangladesh:\

Land management service providers in Bangladesh including land registration:

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