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Petroleum (i.e. Diesel, Kerosene, Octane, Petrol & Furnace Oil) and LPG cylinder gas price in Bangladesh and location of filling stations

November 4, 2014

Local Selling Price of Petroleum Products[Diesel, Kerosene, Octane, Petrol & Furnace Oil and LPG cylinder]as found in Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation website:

Product Name Local Selling Price (Tk/litre) Effective Date
1  HSD (Diesel)    68.00 04/01/2013
2  SKO (Kerosene)    68.00 04/01/2013
3  HOBC (Octane)    99.00 04/01/2013
4  MS (Petrol)    96.00 04/01/2013
  1. a) JP-1 (Chittagong)
For Domestic Flight For International Flight 16/04/2014
83.00 (Tk/litre) 0.99 ($/litre)
  1. b) JP-1 (Dhaka)
84.00 (Tk/litre) 1.00 ($/litre) 16/04/2014
6  LP Gas (12.50kg per Cylinder)    700.00/Cylinder 19/06/2009
7  SBPS   99.00 11/01/2013
8  MTT   72.00 11/01/2013
9  JBO    68.00 11/01/2013
10  LDO    68.00 11/01/2013
  1. a)  FO (Furnace Oil)
   60.00 30/12/2011
  1. b)  FO: Bunker Price (Ctg Port)
USD 824.00 per M.Ton 25/04/2013
  1. b)  FO: Bunker Price (Mongla      Port)
USD 829.00 per M.Ton 25/04/2013
12 Bitumen Selling Price 80/100 Grade

(in taka)

60/70 Grade

(in taka)

Effective Date
 Drum Bitumen Selling price per Drum 9,500.00 10,300.00 23/05/2013
 Bulk Bitumen Selling price per M. Ton 58,700.00 64,000.00 29/03/2013


Bangladesh Energy regulatory commission(BERC) website provides tariff rate of different energy and utility services like electricity, gas, petrol etc. For Petroleum (i.e. Diesel, Kerosene, Octane, Petrol & Furnace Oil) price in Bangladesh, please check this link of BERC[Bangla]:

Petrol stations or filling stations, popular known as petrol pumps,could be found in all cities, district head quarters, highways, and other important places. There are around 9,000 petrol stations and 584 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) stations in Bangladesh. List of such filling stations could be found in the following links:

Jamuna Oil Company – please check its customers tab, then main product followed by different divisison to find out dealers

Padma Oil Company provides its dealers list in Bangla:

The easiest way to find out filling station(i.e. petrol station or petrol pump) around a specific location is to check in Google map.

LPG Cylinder (BPC) price in Bangladesh[Bangla]:

 LP Gas (12.50kg per Cylinder)    700.00/Cylinder Effective from 19/06/2009


There are a few private companies are also selling LP Gas for domestic and commercial use. Website links of some of them are as follows:

Bashundhara lp gas [no price chart or no dealer list is provided in the website;just factory and corporate headquarter address]

CNG for automobile – price and address of CNG stations

CNG Sales Price (From 19th September ,2011) is Tk. 30.00/ m3)

For latest price of CNG for automobile, please check:

List ofCNG stations for use in automobile with Locatoin, Address and contact info:

Please be noted that CNG refueling stations are available

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