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Electricity Tariff in Bangladesh and how to get new electricity connection

November 4, 2014

Latest Electricity tariff rate could be found in Desco’s website. Roll over your mouse at Home Consumers and the pop up menu will include tariff rate.

Electricity tariff rate[correct in November 2014] in English could be found here:

SL Customer Category-Residential with Slab New Tariff
Per Unit Rate (Tk.)
Effective from 01.03.2014
Life Line: 1-50 Units 3.33
a First Step: From 00 to 75 units 3.53
b Second Step: From 76 to 200 units 5.01
c Third Step: From 201 to 300 units 5.19
d Fourth Step: From 301 to 400 units 5.42
e Fifth Step: From 401 to 600 units 8.51
f Sixth Step: From 601 to above 9.93

Bangladesh Power Development Board [BPDB] also provides electricity tariff rate here:

Energy regulatory commission website provides tariff rate of different energy or utility services like electricity, gas, petrol etc:

how to get new connection and other relevant customer service related information are provided in citizen charter segment of Desco Website. There are different citizen charters for home consumers and commercial Business consumers.

Consumers can apply online for new connection:

Consumers can pay their bills online using Dutch Bangla Nexus Debit card:

Information on prepaid meter

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