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Visa requirements for tourists and other foreign visitors to Bangladesh

November 1, 2014

Citizens of most countries require valid visa to enter Bangladesh and the visa should be collected from nearby embassy of Bangladesh.

As of 2013, citizens of the following country could get on arrival visa for tourism purpose or official duty or business purpose:

USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Russian Federation, China, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, UAE, Saudi Arabia (KSA), Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain and countries of the Europe[includes UK, Ireland,Germany, Italy etc ]

The latest circular(scanned copy in English) about on arrival visa of Bangladesh for foreign nationals:

Photo of the on arrival visa stamped on a passport:

Visa on Arrival(excerpt from accessed on October 2014):
      The immigration authority at the International Airports and Land ports after examining the necessary travel documents and being satisfied can issue visa on arrival for a period of maximum 30 days to the citizens of the countries mentioned below under the following conditions:

  1. a)    The nationals of those countries where there is no diplomatic mission of Bangladesh may be granted visa on arrival after examining the genuineness of their visits;
    b)    On the basis of invitation letters of interested/ required body being attested by the Board of Investment/ BEPZA, the foreign investors/ businessmen may be allowed to issue visa on arrival. In this case, interested/ inviting organization must informed in advance the arrival of the foreign visitor(s)  to the immigration and passport authority;
    c)    Only for the purpose of the official duty, business, investment and tourism citizens arriving from USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Russian Federation, China, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, UAE, Saudi Arabia (KSA), Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain and countries of the Europe may be issued visa on arrival after examining and being satisfied by the Immigration authority at the International Airports and Land Ports;
    d)    If any foreign national arrives in Bangladesh from a country other than his/ her own country, where there is no mission of Bangladesh may be issued visa on arrival;
    e)    Bangladeshi origin foreign citizen, their spouses, and their offsprings may be issued visa on arrival, on the proof of their being Bangladeshi origin &
    f)    The staffs/ officials of the foreign Missions, UN or its affiliated organizations located in Bangladesh may be issued visa on arrival after examining their appointment letters or other related documents. Only UN passport holders will get such facilities gratis (free of charge).

If the foreign visitors require extension of their visa after arriving Bangladesh under visa on arrival, the department of Immigration and Passports Authority may extend their visa in light of the existing visa policy.

Transit visa may be allowed to the passengers awaiting for connecting flights for the period of maximum 72 hours or till the time of next available of flight on request of the concerned carrier. For this an amount of US$ 20.00 or equivalent to Foreign Currency is to be deposited in the concerned Bank Account.

In respect of visa on arrival the following procedures to be followed:
      a)    Visa fees are to be paid in Foreign Currencies (US Dollar / GB Pound/ Euro etc);
b)    Visitors must possess minimum US Dollar 500 or equivalent of Foreign Currency in Cash or Credit Card;
c)    Visitors must have return ticket;
d)    Must have necessary documents to justify his/ her visit;
e)    No visa fee will be applicable for the visitors from those countries which are exempted from visa fee;
f)    On arrival visa fee will be applicable on the basis of reciprocity only ;

No Visa Required (NVR) Seal:
      The Bangladesh Consulate General in Los Angeles also issues “No Visa Required for Travel to Bangladesh” (NVR) seal to Bangladesh-origin citizens of some foreign countries and their family members (spouse and children). This endorsement allows them multiple entries into Bangladesh with no restriction on duration of stay within the validity of the passport. Click here for more information on ‘No Visa Required’ (NVR) seal and procedure for submission of application.

On arrival visa for British Citizens as mentioned in UK government website:

US Embassy advice about on arrival visa[it suggests to obtain visa from Bangladeshi embassy as on arrival visa solely depends on the discretion of the immigration officer]:

Documents requirement for on arrival and other types of visa of Bangladesh:

Visa fee of Bangladesh for different countries nationals:

Arrival card , departure card and other immigration information from Bangladesh government’s Immigration Police website:

Relevant Information:

Omani citizens lately got the visa on arrival facility:

The government of Bangladesh will now extend visa on arrival facility to Omani citizens, a statement issued by the country’s embassy here said.

“Considering the existing excellent bilateral relations and the growing friendship and interaction between the people of the two brotherly Muslim countries, the government of Bangladesh has unilaterally decided to extend visa on arrival facilities for all Omani citizens,” the statement said.

The facility
Citizens of Oman holding diplomatic, official or regular passport, who intend to visit Bangladesh on official, business, investment or tourism purposes, would be issued visa on arrival (after examining the relevant papers subject to the satisfaction of the immigration official), for a maximum of 30 days and single entry, at the international airports and land ports of Bangladesh.

“If the visitors require extension of visa on arrival, the Department of Immigration and Passports of Bangladesh will take necessary measures in the light of the existing visa policy,” the release said.

To avail of visa on arrival, visa fee has to be paid in foreign currency (US dollar/GB Pound/Euro) [currently $50.00], visitors must possess a minimum $500 or equivalent amount of foreign currency in cash or credit card and visitors must have appropriate return ticket at the time of arrival.

The immigration authority concerned will collect complete information of  the visitors, immigration officials at the airport and land port will stamp the passport of the visitors and passport or visitors should remain valid for six months with available blank pages


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