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Baggage Rule – Tax-free Items and Taxable Items with tax rates that a passenger could bring in as luggage

October 13, 2014

Passengers or Tourists are permitted to bring into Bangladesh free of duty, clothing and personal items.

Official Baggage Rule could be viewed here:

Baggage rule original[bangla]

Baggage Rule [English version]:

Duty and Tax-free goods, (Only one for each item)

The following goods may be imported into Bangladesh without incurring customs duty:


(1) Cassette Player/ Two in one (2) Disk man / Walkman (Audio) (3) Portable Audio CD Player

(4) Desktop/Laptop Computer (with Printer & UPS) (5) Computer Scanner (6) Computer Printer

(7) Fax Machine (8) Video Camera (HD Cam, DV Cam, BETA Cam & professional camera) (9)

Still Camera/ Digital Camera (10) General/Push button/ Cordless telephone set (11) General/

Electric Oven/ Microwave Oven (12) Rice Cooker/Pressure Cooker (13) Toaster/Sand witch

maker/ electrical Blender/Food Processor/Juicer/ Coffee maker (14) General and electric Type

Writer (15) Household sewing machine (manual/electrical) (16) Table/ Pedestal Fan/Ceiling Fan

(17) Sports Materials (for personal use only) (18) 200gms gold/silver ornaments (not more than

12 Pcs of each item) (19) One Carton Cigarette (200 sticks) (20) Up to 29” CRT Black & White

/Color Television (21) VCR/VCP (22) General CD & with 02 (two) Speakers Component

(Music Center) (23) VCD/DVD/LD/MD blue Ra-disk player (24) LCD Computer Monitor(Either TV function or not) up to 17” (25) One Mobile/Cellular Phone Set.

  • 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 225g of tobacco;
  • Two bottles of alcoholic beverages or
    1 bottle if not travelling for touristic purposes – only applicable to non Muslim travelers
  • 250ml of perfume;

Note: Duty-free items may be bought at the duty free shop at Dhaka Airport on arrival.
Note: Firearms and some animals are restricted.

List of Dutiable Baggage Items with applicable Tax:

(i) Plasma, LCD, TFT & Television of similar technology

(a) 18” to 21” Tk. 7,500/-, (b) 22” to 29” Tk. 15,000/- , (c) 30” to 36” Tk. 20,000/-

(d) 37” to 42” Tk. 30,000/- , (e) 43” to 46″ Tk. 50,000/-, (f) 47″ to 52″ Tk. 70,000/-

(g) 53″ & above Tk. 1,00,000/-

(2) with 04 (four) Speakers Component System (Music Center) (CD/VCD/DVD/LD/MD Set)

Tk. 4,000/- (b) More than 04 (four) Speaker but not higher than 08 (eight) Speakers (Music

Center)/Home Theatre with miniature of Speakers (CD/VCD/DVD/LD/MD Set) Tk. 8,000/- (3)

Refrigerator/Deep Freezer Tk. 5,000/- (4) Dish Washer/ Washing Machine/ Cloth Drier Tk.

3,000/- (5) Air Cooler/Air Conditioner (a) Window type Tk. 7,000/- (b) Split type Tk. 15,000/-

(6) Oven: Gas Oven with Burner Tk. 3,000/- (7) Dish Antenna Tk. 7,000/- (8) Gold bar or

Bullion (Maximum 200gm) Tk. 150/- (per 11.664 gm) (9) Silver Bar or Bullion (Maximum

200gm) Tk. 6/- (per 11.664 gm) (10) HD Cam, DV Cam, BETA Cam & Professional as used as

a Camera Tk. 15,000/- (11) Air Gun/Air Rifle Tk. 5,000/- (importable with permission of

Ministry of Commerce, See import & Export Policy, 2009-2012) (12) Candelabrum Tk. 300/-per point (13) Carpet up to 15 Square meter Tk. 300/- per Square meter.

Special note on bringing in Medicine

Visitors bringing in a quantity of medication are advised to carry a doctor’s certificate to avoid possible problems with Bangladesh Customs.

In Bangladesh, to buy medicine from the pharmacy or medicine, Doctor’s prescription is not required. However, Doctor’s prescriptions are needed to obtain certain drugs(e.g. sleeping tablets, pain killers) in Bangladesh.

No vaccinations are required to enter Bangladesh.

Currency rules

There is no restriction on the amount of foreign currency that can be brought in but strict restriction in place on the amount of foreign currency that could be taken out of Bangladesh.

For updated information, please check:

Currency Import regulations:

  1. For Residents(if you are a national of Bangladesh or resident):
    a. Local currency (Bangladesh Taka-BDT): up to BDT 100.-.
    b. Foreign currencies: no limit.
    2. For Non Residents(if you are a foreigner)
    a. Local currency: up to BDT 100.-.
    b. Foreign currencies: no limit. However amounts over USD 5,000.- (or equivalent) must be declared on arrival.

Currency Export regulations:

1.For Residents:
a. Local currency (Bangladesh Taka-BDT): up to BDT 100.-.
b. Foreign currencies: up to USD 25.- or equivalent. Higher amounts must be endorsed on the passport by Bangladesh Bank/Authorized Dealers in foreign exchange.
2. For Non Residents:
a. Local currency: up to BDT 100.-.
b. Foreign currencies: up to USD 150.- or equivalent. Higher amounts provided declared on arrival. Reconversion of local currency into foreign currencies is possible up to BDT 500.- or 25% of the amount, whichever is lower.
3. Additional information: any tax-free item purchased in town must be covered by a declaration form that payment has been effected in foreign currency.


List of Restricted Items to bring in to Bangladesh and take out from Bangladesh in luggage:

Please check out the following link for updated information:!import-regulations!export-regulations

Relevant Links related to Baggage Rule of Bangladesh:

For more information, please check out the following links:

Last Update: October 2014


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