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Mobile phone call rates, sim card buying by tourists in Bangladesh

October 11, 2014

Check with your phone company before leaving home about international mobile roam facilities available in Bangladesh. Usually if you are coming from UK, western Europe, USA,Canada,Australia, most probably you will be automatically roamed However, calling rate in Bangladesh is the lowest in the world, so it would be cost saving to buy a Bangladeshi sim card.By the by, signal is available almost the whole landscape of Bangladesh except some remote jungles and hilly areas.

After getting out from the airport exit door, sim cards may be bought from snack shops located outside the airport. Alternatively you may visit any top up or recharge shop or service centre of the mobile operators. Wherever you go, you will find within 100 meters some mobile sim card and top up(refill) vendors.

To purchase a local SIM card by tourists the requirements are

1.Two passport size color photographs, sometimes one will do.

2.Photo copy of the passport and visa of Bangladesh
Sim price usually between 100 to 500 BDT ($2 to $10)

Usually the tourists should buy pre paid plan and top up from the vendor. Some free talktimes are usually included when the sim cards are bought.

There are five mobile operators in Bangladesh – Banglalink, Grameen Phone, Robi, Airtell, Citycell and the state-run Teletalk.Call rate, sim card price, service centre location in their websites. The following website provide links to all providers.

As an example, from grameenphone the most popular post package is:

Grameen phone store location may be found here:

All mobile operators in Bangladesh run GSM Systems. So if you bring in your unlocked mobile phone, you could just insert the sim. However, if you are from USA,where they use other system, you may need to buy a GSM based mobile handset. For a few days use, such GSM sets could be bought as low as 1200 BDT from any mobile shop or even from mobile operators service centres. Two large shopping malls in Bangladesh, namely Bashundhra and Jamuna future park have huge collections of mobiles.

Comparison of call rates could be found here:

How difficult it is to get a SIM Card?

101 Things you want to know about traveling Bangladesh

Very easy. Go to a customer care center of any mobile phone operator, give a copy of your passport and a photo, fill-up the form, and pay for the SIM Card. It will be delivered to you instantly.
What is the price of a SIM Card?

150 BDT on everage, as of November, 2013.
Is Micro-SIM Card available for iPhone or iPad?
es. They’ll cut it for you.

Sim Card at Dhaka Airport. – Travel to Bangladesh
23 April 2016, 19:09


I am traveling to Dhaka on Monday, just wanted to know following :

Can i buy a sim card from airport ? Is there a shop ?

If yes what are the documents required ?

If the sim card is not available at Airport, can I buy from somewhere nearby from Airport.

Which mobile service is good.

What is the cost of Sim card.

You can buy after immigration counter. The largest operator name is grameen phone.

Document required is a copy of passport and a picture.
Edited: 24 April 2016, 6:10


All mobile operators of Bangladesh provide 3G internet service and speed is good for usual email, facebook, internet banking, price comparison etc. For video streaming a bit faster package may be chosen and obviously it will be little costly. However, the price of internet is cheap or almost same compared with European countries or USA. The price of different packages could be found from their website. By the by, in generally you could use the same sim for voice call and internet browsing.


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