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Electricity voltage, plug or socket type in Bangladesh

October 11, 2014

Bangladesh’s electricity supply runs at 220 volts, and rounded two or three pin plugs are used. The cycles (Hz) are 50 per second. In Bangladesh, flat two or three pin plug outlets could also be found.

Power sockets: type C / D / G / K

For more details with price guide, please check out:
Notes pic,Dhaka airport layout,Electric sokcet or power plug pic for Bangladesh

Most hotels and motels provide 110 volt ac sockets (rated at 20 watts) for electric razors only. For all other equipment, an adapter/converter is necessary, unless the item has a multi-voltage option. Such adapter or extension lead(in Bangladesh known as multiplugs) could be bought from hotels or nearby electrical shops. Most markets and localities have atleast one such electrical shop. By searching in yellowpage or directory of Bangladesh, some contact addresses and phone nos could be found.For example:

The price of such adaptor or extension lead(multiplugs) would be around 300 BD taka. The guide price may be found here(in Bangladesh, price would be almost same as in UK or some cases cheaper by around 40 percent):


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