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Tour guide:Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia tour from Dhaka, Bangladesh

January 20, 2014

Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia tour from Dhaka, Bangladesh

Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, has three airports. Among three, the city airport only used by cargo and private jets. The other two airports are located very close. One is Kuala Lumpur Intrnational airport and the other is Low cost carrier terminal(so it is considered extended terminal of Kuala Lumpur international airport). The majority of the regular airlines(Biman Bangladesh, Malaysian Airlines) and some budget airleines(e.g. Mallindo) uses the main terminal. Malaysian airlines uses its own terminal tered as gate no C1 to C37. These gates are little away from the immigration counter. A train calledaerotrain plies between different gates of C to immigration counters and it is very frequent almost five minutes interval a train comes. There are signs everywhere to guide you. Usually you should follow exit(in Malaysian its called Kelular) or immigration. If you are in transit, follow the transit sign. If you land between 10 am to 8 pm, you will see some mobile operators stalls before reaching immigration. You may buy Malaysian sim for using mobile with Malaysian number just showing your passport, no need of photographs, photocopies of anything and the mobile no is activated instantly. Sim price varies to different mobile operators. For calling to Bangladesh, Gigi best prepaid is suggested as it is owned by Telenor which is the owner of Bangladesh largest mobile operator Grameenphone. To buy Digi best sim, it costs around 12 Ringgit and you need to topup atleast 15 Ringgit. After passing mobile sim stalls, you will reach immigration counters. Then go to appropriate counter, if you are foreigner, go to foreigner counter. In the immigration counter, you may be asked about your purpose of visit, duration, hotel or accommodation place name. Then they may take your finger print. When all done, a stamp will be placed in your visa with a barcoded token attached to it. They will tear away the token when you depart.  Besides your photograph may be taken. It may be noteworthy there is no arrival or departure card fill up in Malaysian immigration.

When immigration formalities is done, look into the monitor to know in which belt your main luggage will be coming. Go to the appropriate belt and collect your luggage. There are ample trolleys available, so if you need one grab one, its free there is no coin to be inserted for using the trolleys. After getting your luggage, you need to go out of the main zone of the airport. On your exit from the main zone, custom officials may ask about your luggage and put into a scanner.

For exchanging money, you find money exchange before and after the immigration counters.

If you reach odd hours like early morning or late night, you may not find sim stalls before immigration, In that case, after getting out of the immigration, you may see some convenience shops and you can buy mobile sims from there.

After exiting mainzone, you will see taxis are parked outside. If you like you may take a taxi. There are two types of taxis- red-white one and blue executive. Red-white ones are cheaper. Usually it cost around 90 ringgit to go to city centre( well call it around Bukit Bintang station or China town’s plaza Rakyat staion or KL sentral station or Masjid Jamek station). However, there are cheaper options. One is taking the shuttle train, it cost around 40 ringgit and it goes from Airport to KL sentral station direction. From KL sentral station, if you need to take monorail, you have to go outside, cross the road and go to the monorail station following the signs. Another option is taking the shuttle bus. There are two companies- one is aerobus and the other is star shuttle. After passing over the main zone, you will sign showing the dirctions to the bus station of Aerobus and another sign says other buses that will take to you star shuttle departure station. Aerobus only goes to KL sentral whereas star shuttle goes to KL sentral, Puduraya(Pudu Sentral big bus staion near Plaza Rakyat monorail station and close to Chinatown where some cheap hotels and backpackers dorms could be found). Star shuttle charges 10 Ringgit for Airport to Puduraya. Aerobus and Star shuttles other diestinations will cost between 10 to 15 Ringgit.


For star shuttle go to level 2 through lift or escalators and go down and find platform 1.

For puduraya bus of Star shuttle, you will see staff with yellow dresses are selling tickets. So buy the ticket and wait for the buses. Usually frequency is one bus every hour. By the by, this bus stars from Low Cost Carrier Terminal(LCCT) which is little away, so at times there may few seats left for boarding from Kuala Lumpur international airport main terminal. Star shuttle drops passengers in Puduraya in front of MYdin super store entrance and opposite newly built Pudu Setral main bus station of KL and close to Plaza Rakyat monorail station. Just around  this departure point, you will Maybank view glory hotel, Marque hotel, Ancasa hotel, McDonalds. If your hotel is in Chinatown, then you may need to go a little back and see a gate mentioning china town, that is actually a road called Jalan Petaling. In Malaya, street or road is called by the word ‘Jalan’. Star shuttle actually drops you in the road which is called Jalan Pudu, you will find Nandos, Subway, KFC on a side road as you go through Jalan Pudu towards china town. There is a convenience called ‘seven Eleven’ and it has ATM inside. Surrounding china town you will find some money exchanges too. On the road of Jalan PUdu and just opposite side of china town gate you may see Kotaray shopping mall which houses many Bangladeshis, Tamil and budget shops, street food, small ethnic Bangaldeshi, Indian, Malaya, Indonesian restaurant.

Twin tower, that is Petronas twin tower, is the main attraction in KL and it is located beside Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre(KLCC). There is train stration called KLCC station. So you can take train to this KLCC station. If you stay in Chinatown, you may go to Plaza Rakyat or Pasar seni station to catch train. Another option is to hop off at Raja Chulan monorail station and take the foot over bridge walk towards KLCC from Raja Chulan. This foot over bridge is a lone one starting from Bukit Bintang to KLCC. Tourists are suggested to walk through, I may say its an attraction as it is well built, air conditioned. On the ground floor of KLCC, aquaria is located. Its entrance fee is around 45 ringgit. There are sharks and other fishes and you could go through a tunnel surrounded by glassy surrounding. A big shopping mall named as Suriya also located in KLCC. Many renowned western brands could be found. Outside the KLCC, there is a nice park with artificial lake and waterfall. At night, there is a light and sound show with caricature of water in the water lake. As a tourist, I watched it while taking coffee at the ground floor of KLCC and found it amazing.

The most convenient way to tour around KL is through train, that is called LRT and monorail.There are several types of tickets for train.

If you like to buy one way ticket, you may collect it from counter or use the machine. The ticket is blue colored RFID coin. The machine only accepts coin and 1 and 5 ringgit notes. In the machine first you need to touch your destination after selecting your preferred language. After touching the destination, a more detailed destination map will appear close to your touch point. Now select your station by touching. The name of your station will appear in the screen. By touching plus sign you may increase the no of tickets required. Now touch ok to proceed with payment. Insert coin and notes as required. For the notes, the picture Sultan should be on the upper side. As the coin or money inserted, machine will show how much it got. When done, the RFID coin and change will come out through the dispenser at the bottom. Now take the RFID coin and enter through the turnstill by touching the coin on the screen above the turnstill. Appropriate train and platform could be located according to the last destination of that particular line. For example, if you need to go to Masjid Jamek using sri petaling line, you should select the platform through Sri Petaling line goes towards Sentul Timur(last destination on Sri Petaling line on one direction). Usually in many station like Hung Tuah, if you need to change line, you could do within that station, no need to first exit and buy another line ticket. However, in KLCC, there might be problem as monorail station and LRT station is little far away separtated by a road in the middle, same in Masjid Jamek station. If you use train frequently, you may opt for touch n go card and top it up.


Many posh hotels and western style pubs and bars could be found in Jalan Ramjee which is just behind the KLCC park. In jalan ramee, there are Beach restaurant, Irish pub, Thai bar etc could be found. A few meters one could find KL Tower which is also called Menara KL. It is suggested to look around this Jalan Ramjee and KL tower on foot.

Hop on hop off bus tour is another great way to look around KL as some places you could not go through train, for example Kings residence. It cost 45 ringgit for 24 hour. There is an English speaking guide and commentary and they stop for five minutes for photo session. There is a discount for KL bird park and twin tour tour , Auaria for hop on hop off ticket buyers. You may take this hop on hop off to visit national  museum, kings palace, bird park, national mosque which is near bird park, mardeka square, china town etc. Bird park is located in the green zone of KL. Just opposite there is an orchid garden which is free. Bird park is a nice place especially for kids, peacocks are walking open and some birds are flying openly. There is a bird show on 1230 pm and it is great to see different acrobatic performace by birds. There is a small snack stall and at the exit there is a full fledge restaurant. If you walk behind, you will find butterfly park and if you walk forward you will reach national mosque(Masjid Negara). In the mosque, you could put your belongings in safe by inserting two 20 sents. There is also arrangement of robes for female and special time for non muslim tourists to look around the mosque.


Mardeka square, that is the national square, is near to Masjid jamek station. In mardeka square , there is a monument and a church is located beside it. On the opposite, Sultan Samad buiding where high courts and supreme courts of Malaysia are located. Close by Masjid Jamkek, there is another old mosque called Masjid India and some Indian food and stalls could be found there.

For reasonable price shopping, one may go to Bukit Bintang plaza and for computers mobile tablets there is another market called Low Yat Plaza. Upon exiting Bukit Bintang plaza, take a right turn and you will find it. For budget shopping especially of souvenirs, you may check out china town. The price of the same souvenir would be half here than the high street shops. However, in China town you have to bargain though a few stalls have fixed price. Mydin is a Malaysian chain supermarket from there you could buy different essentials and almost all other things cheaply. Other larger supermarket stores include Giant, Jusco, Tesco, Sogo etc. For cosmetics, you may drop into two large pharmacy chains namely Guardian and Watson.

There is a free bus service service plying among shopping places and important tourist attractions. It is called go KL free bus which has two lines – green and purple line. Well, its free of charge. For details check their website:

Mc Donlads, KFC, Burger King, Subway, Nandos could be found all over KL. The price in these western outlets are very cheap compared to other parts of the world. Marry Brown is a Chinese fast food chain. To taste local cuisine, you may head towards central market which is near to China town, some alleys in Bukit Bintang, street nearby KotaRaya which is opposite to China town, street nearby Masjid India etc. For breakfast, you may also go to such western outlets. Alternatively you may buy burger buns with coconut filling which six packs cost around 2.40 ringgit. Mineral water bottle of 500 ml cost in between 1 to 1.30 ringgit. There are some vending machines in busy public places which is usually cost less than the shops.


As mentioned taxis are supposed to go by meters but usually they charge more by presettling. For example, china town to Bukit Bintang by meter comes up around 6 ringgit but they would charge 15 ringgit. So thumb rule may be for short distance they would charge 3 times more while for longer distance may be 1.5 times to 2 times.

For accommodation, there are many hotels, guesthouses, backpacker youth hostels in KL with different price tags. The three popular hotel zones are – Bukit Bintang, China town, Masjid Jamek. In most hotels, price is based on room basis, so the price would be same for two persons or one person using one room. Be aware that in many rooms, they don’t have windows and usually prices of rooms with windows are little higher. So check whether your room has window or not. Most of the hotel rooms have air conditioning though some cheaper rooms may not. So better check about air conditioning. Usually you have to pay upfront in advance and there is a caution money for remotes and keys. To turn on electricity, you need to insert the key in electricity keyholder in your room. The direction of Kibla is given with a sticker on the roof of the room. The price of a room with window in Chinatown budget hotels are around 70 ringgit per night. Usually budget hotels may be termed as 2 star hotels as they have air conditioning, free wifi. If hotels have good surrounding with good outer decoration, a small lobby it may b e termed as 3 star. If a 3 star hotel has restaurant it may be termed as 3.5 star! To book the hotels, just telephone them and no payment is necessary. However, you may confirm your booking by using booking sites like Agoda, (this does not charge any booking fee) though these sites may not accept Bangladeshi credit cards(you need to activate and endorse from your Bangladeshi Bank to use with a foreign site).




Genting highland is very close to KL. It is famous for its cable car ride and other amusement facilities including a theme park. The cheapest way to go there by bus which is called go Genting bus. The bus departs from several locations in KL including Pudu Sentral bus station, KL Sentral. One way journey from KL to Genting plus one way cable car fare cost around 10.60 ringgit. Upon return you first need to buy cable car one way ticket, then bus ticket though while coming here you could buy both tickets together from bus counters.


The weather of KL is warm and humid all the year round as line passes over Malaysia. Temperature is between 23 to 26 degree and usually every day there is a 10 to 20 minutes rain. In the beginning for 10 minutes it is heavy and later it becomes like drizzling. Everyday there is raining one time routinely though timing varies- one day it may be in the morning, next day it may be afternoon. So it is wise to keep an umbrella( cost around 6 to 10 ringgit for cheaper umbrellas).

There are many English, Malaya, Chinese newspapers. In English, The Star and The New Strait times are popular, while the sun is a free English daily. Metro is a popular daily in Malaya language.


Around nine televisions are funded by government and available in Terristarial antenna. They are tv1,tv2,tv2, 8tv,ntv7, alHijarah Islamic channel(its head quarter is just opposite to national mosque). Satellite dish tv is distributed by one company called Astro. You may notice in some hotels they advertise that astro channels are available. A new cable based tv distribution has started working, its name is ABNxcess.

To know more about different monetary deals, you may check out this site which is similar to moneysavingexpert website of UK:


Advise from the real travelers could be found on famous tripadvisor website. When you are going to book a hotel, it is suggested to look into comment or review here and you may find photos by tourists of that hotel too which would be very much help to decide.


Differet aspects of Malaysia from the eye of expatriates could be found here:


Practical information on Malaysia could be found on the famous lonelyplanet website:


Wikitravel and wikivoyager are other two popular source of information.


Different types of day tours:

Visa >>>

Bangladeshi national require visa to enter Malaysia. One need to drop visa application with required document to any of the 26 agents.

The agent charge 1000 to 1500 taka inclusive of visa fee. You need to submit last six months bank statement having minimum around 50000 taka balance currently, letter from your employer about your job if you are job holder(this may not be essential), visiting card, for business holders trade licnese, for students letter from university or photocopy of student id, if someone else is sponsoring you a letter from him and bank statement of the sponsor, two copies of passport sized photo with white background. Ticket booking and hotel booking are not required or if required, it will be done by the agent without any charge. It takes 5 to 10 working days to get the visa. Further visa info could be found here:

Mallindo airlines offers cheapest around 21000 tk return from Dhaka to KL. Bangladesh Biman gives the return ticket around 26000 thousand while Malaysian Airlines provides the return ticket with 35000 taka tag.




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