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Dhaka airport departure arrival guide

January 20, 2014

Departure from Dhaka Airport


Only passengers are allowed to enter the main. Others need to buy visitor pass. Lately without visitor pass, they are not even to go in front of the departure lounge, they have to off get off from the transport like car, cng autorickshaws etc by the security officials!


Upon entering departure hall, the passenger need to pass on his luggage (main and hand both) through the scanner. If luggages pass through the scanner, tags are attached. On hand lug gages, tags may not be attached.

Check in or boarding pass providing counter for the respective flights are displayed in monitor along with departure gate in some case. Passengers should go to the appropriate check in counter. In the check in counter the passenger drops his main luggage and he is given tag for the main lug gages and boarding pass.

Departure form is to be filled out. The departure form could be given in the check in counters and they are also found in the writing place.

By filling upto this departure form, the passenger should go to the immigration. Immigration booths are separate by nationalities, foreign passport holder, non resident Bangladeshis etc. If there is no queue, one may go to whatever counter is empty. In the immigration counter you need to hand over passport, boarding pass and any other necessary documents(i.e. government service holders should provide no objection certificate or order).  After interview, the passengers photo is taken through mini camera.

During departure, if you take foreign currency, usually us dollar, it is to be endorsed in your passport. Moneychangers in different places in Dhaka will endorse passport with a fee ranging from 50 taka to 200 taka. During this endorsement, you should have visa in your passport and may have to provide the photocopy of your ticket. The limit of foreign currency endorsement for a given year is 500 usd for SAARC countries and usd 3000 for other countries. You may take other foreign currency other than us dollar. It is suggested to take some currency of the country you are going and that will be counted in that limit. The relevant instructions from Bangladesh Bank:


Sample of the departure card:


After crossing the immigration, look into the monitor to find out the appropriate gate for boarding. If you come early and boarding gate is not mentioned, take a seat somewhere and check it out after a while. There are boarding gates on both sides just after the immigration counters. The gates directions are clearly marked with arrows and the passenger should follow the sign. Upon arrival at the appropriate gate, put your hand luggage into the scanning belt. In some airports(usually in Dhaka airport they don’t do it), you have to take off your belts and put it on the box to scan. By the by, put your mobile, coins, key rings, laptops, tablets, cameras into a box for scanning. Then you need to go through the metal detector. Having done these take a seat and wait for call of the boarding. During boarding call, usually special assistance people are boarded first. In some cases, they may call upto certain seat no passengers to be boarded first to make it convenient for them.

Upon entering the plane, you may put your hand luggage on the cabinet or if it is small, may keep in front of you under your feet. Before seating , check out if there are headphones and belts there. Taking care about these things, take your seat. Then fasten the seat belt. To fasten, just put into the gap. To unfasten, pull up the seat belt metallic cover and take out the belt from inside. Generally liquid things are not allowed to take on board the plane including water, scent, medicine etc. For medicine of liquid type, you may talk with the person available on the booking counter for specific instructions. Besides, small quantity of liquid things may be taken inside the plane within a transparent bag. However such bags may not be available in Dhaka airport.

If meal is served, open the table in front of you and keep the meal there. Usually utensils and sugar,milk are given in a packet. Sometimes hand cleaner may be provided in a packet. Usually water is given in a small cup.  You may go to the washroom when seat belt sign is not on. During take off and landing all mobiles and electronic gadgets should be turned off. However, other than these two periods, mobiles and other electronic gadgets (i.e. laptops, tablets) might be used. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the plane as well as in the airports.


Arrival in Dhaka Airport


Both Bangladeshi nationals and foreigners are to fill out an arrival form. It is the same for all. The form is similar to departure card. The only difference is that Bangladeshi nationals do not have to write down visa portion and address in Bangladesh. However, foreigners are required to fill out the visa portion mentioning visa no and expiry date and accommodation address in Bangladesh. Usually cabin crews provide this form when you are in plane so that you could fill it up in the plane. Besides, there is another form for custom declaration. If you bring some taxable things,  you need to fill out the form and hand over to the custom after crossing the immigration. Some items are exempt from tax and the list of tax exempted items is provided here :

Upon arrival you may have to walk towards the immigration. In some cases, you may have to use a stair. If you have problem or some heavy hand luggage, you may take a lift available there. In the immigration counters, go to the appropriate one like Bangladeshi nationals, foreign passport holders etc.  Here again you need to provide the filled up arrival form, passport and boarding pass. The immigration official may take your photograph with the mini camera.

After crossing the immigration, look into the monitor to find out the appropriate belt to collect your main luggage. There are eight belts in Dhaka airport. Four in Terminal one and the rest four in the terminal two. If you come from Dhaka city centre, terminal one comes first and the next one further north is the terminal two. The two terminals are connected inside, so the two may be considered as one. Arrival hall is located in the ground floor. After taking the main luggage, if you have taxable items, hand in the form to the custom and pay appropriate tax. On the exit, custom may ask to put your luggage on the scanner or open. Be respectful to the instruction of the custom.

On the exit, you will see there are official taxi cab counter, Eurocar taxicab counter and money exchange facilities provided by some banks. There are some shops with necessary items and fast food restaurants too. If you need to take taxi and no one come to receive you, it is suggested to take the taxi from official taxi counter. The rates for  different locations in and outside of Dhaka are mentioned in a chart. In Dhaka Airport, there is no shuttle bus to the city. Just outside the airport, by crossing an over bridge you may go to the airport train station. Most trains going to different cities have stoppage there. So if you want to go outside Dhaka by train, you may come to this station and buy tickets. However, be advised that during weekend and peak periods you may not get tickets. Further, you may have to wait in the station for long time. The condition of the airport station is not good. Just outside the airport there is a bus stop. From the bus stop you may take some buses to the city centre and nearby districts. District buses usually have space for luggage but city buses don’t have luggage space and may be very crowded.


Most of the countries mobile especially from Europe and America automatically get roaming facility in Bangladesh. However, It may be costly to use the roaming facilities. So it is advised to buy a Bangladeshi sim from the airport or outside. You are required to provide photocopy of your passport, visa and a color photograph. The sim will take usually one day to get activated. The mobile operators also provide internet or data package, which is cheap compared to western countries.

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