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Launch fare and schedule in Bangladesh, Ferry price, water transport price

October 19, 2013

According to Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority (BIWTA) has already new fare chart as proposed in the early January 2013, launch or water boat or ship inside Bangladesh could charge the following  fare:

Per kilometre fare will rise to Tk 1.78 from Tk 1.50 for the first 100 km travel, according to the proposal. And passengers will have to pay Tk 1.42 per km instead of Tk 1.20 for the distance above 100 kilometres.

The minimum fare would also be increased by Tk 5 to Tk 20 if the proposal is approved, said an official of BIWTA. [ref:  as of January 29, 2013]

launch schedule info:

BIWTC launch, ferry price fare:


each passenger on 169 kilometre-long dhaka-barisal-river-route  will now[26 July 2013 onwards] have to pay Tk1,060 for a deluxe (1st) class cabin seat, Tk630 for a higher (2nd) class cabin seat and Tk170 for a lower class (deck) seat as a one way fare on Barisal-Dhaka-Barisal route.

In private triple-deck launches on the same route, each passenger has to pay Tk850 for a first class cabin seat, Tk400-450 for a sofa and Tk 150-180 for a deck seat during normal periods, and Tk1,000, Tk600, Tk250 during the 15-day Eid schedule. [ref: as of 26 July 2013]


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