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train like bus service

October 15, 2013

Train like bus: it means that some ten buses will start together and form like a train. In general a train has around ten to twelve coaches.

Bi-articulated bus that has three passenger carriages or compartments might be used.


The other option may be that every 5 minute one bus will depart. From in between stoppage, every 15 or every 30 or every hour there will be one bus. In Traffic junctions, ways of buses will get priority. It means that cross over buses will be discouraged. People have to cross through overbridge and hop on to another buses. The other thing may be there may be special freeze moments where bus lane vehicles on four sides will be allowed to move on, especially during rush hours.

London bus route 38 :The route is the most frequent in London with a bus every minute during the morning peak

Realtime bus tracking

U turn management::

U turn slot: separated u turn space with some types of barriers(plastic bollards or concrete one, though plastic one is better as less damage if hammered by oncoming vehicles).

Like Abdullahpur intersection in Uttara,Dhaka, Bangladesh, vehicles may be required to turn left and after going some distance take u turn in the left size road, then come to the intersection to take a right turn. This will reduce congestion if loads vehicles try to take u turn at that segment.

Before the intersection, position a gap in the divider where vehicles could take u turn.


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