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How to find price of different items in Bangladesh? [part 1]

December 13, 2012

Air fare, Bus fare, Taxi fare, car spare parts price, medicine price in Bangladesh

If price of an item is not available over internet for Bangladesh, then it is advised to check the price of the similar item in the neighboring countries like India. Again, price of items those are imported from abroad are almost same if not higher than Europe and America. So it is a good idea to check the price of the relevant items in Europe(e.g.UK) and America(e.g. USA).


Air fare: The price of the air tickets of the local airlines could be found from their websites. If price chart is not directly provided, you need to go through the booking procedure to find the price. Right now Biman Bangladesh Airlines, United Airways and Regent airways are the three local airlines in Bangladesh.


For international airliners, you may use Kayak and skyscanner.


For the budget airlines in Europes,’s flight checker is the best tool available :


Furthermore, different countries local budget airlines website may be checked for cheap air tickets. For example, Air Asia in Malaysia and South East Asia.


Bus fare: Information and bus fare of different local and intercity buses are available in :


For example, Dhaka-Sylhet AC bus fare is 850 taka in Greenline, 900 taka in Shohag and Dhaka-Coxsbazar AC bus fare is 1400 taka in Greenline, 1525 taka in Shohag


Some intercity bus fares are also available in different district web portals developed by Bangladesh Government.


chart bus fare in Dhaka city:


Train fare: Please see the post on this website

Taxi fare: There are three types of taxi available in Bangladesh. The first type is three wheeler known as ‘CNG’ or baby taxi. It is supposed to be run by meter. However, generally the passenger has to come to an agreement about fare without using meter. Genereal rule of thumb is : tell the drive to on the meter and may give him double or three times of the fare comes up on the meter. If you use this thumb rule, make sure to also provide a cap on highest you may give.Here goes the official rate:


CNG Autorickshaw could officially charge 7.5 taka per kilometer and waiting charge would be 1.5 taka per minute[ref: as of May 2011]


The second type is black taxi with no air conditioning. The same rule may apply like the three wheeler.


The third type is yellow taxicab. It has air conditioning. So price is little higher. However, usually they don’t go on meter, so you have to pre-negotiated with the driver or use the thumb rule mentioned above. Here goes the official rate for different types of taxis available in Bangladesh.


Airport taxi


travel info


Car spare parts: There is no website available for car spare parts in Bangladesh. So the alternative idea may be to check the price in India.


Since online store’s located in Europe and America do not have showroom overhead that much, the price provided by them should be close to price in Bangladesh.


Medicine price: provides prices of some medicine in Bangladesh though it’s not sure whether they are regularly updated.


The medicine  price in India should be close to Bangladesh. So if you know the generic name of the drug which should be printed somewhere in the package, you could check the Indian price at:


The medicine price in Malaysia could be found here:


Medicine price in UK may be much higher than Bangladesh. However, prices of latest medicine could be checked here:


Translation from Bengali / Bangla to English: Some of the websites mentioned here are written in Bengali language. Google translate may be used to translate from Bengali to English using this link:









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