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How to apply for passport in Bangladesh, machine readable passport (MRP) in Bangladesh

December 9, 2012

Now only machine readable passport (MRP) is provided in Bangladesh.


To apply for a new passport, download the application form from

You need to just download only ‘MRP passport application form’.


Facebook page of Uttara Regional passport office with required info is:

Two copies of application form with attested documents in each copies are to be submitted for new MRP passport application. If you have already a passport, then you need to submit only one application form. Further, you will not be required to go through Special Branch (SB) police verification, if you have already a passport(hand written or MRP).


You can also get the form free of charge from different regional passport offices.


Fill out the form according to the instructions provided in the application form. Some common queries regarding the filling out the form are discussed at the end of this post.


Take a color photograph with white background. Size is height 5.5cm x width 4.5 cm.

You should not wear white dress while taking photograph. The same guideline also apply when you will be photographed in the passport office letter. Write down your full name on the back side of the photograph.Paste the photograph in the relevant space. Then get it attested on the top. During attestation, approximately half of the signature and seal should be on the photograph and the rest on the application form. Be noted the mentioning of half portion is approximate, so don’t worry if the proportion is not maintained.


The seal of the person who is doing the attestation should carry his name and designation.


The persons who could do the attestation are mentioned in the application form’s instructions.


Usually attested photocopy of the following documents to be provided:

  1. national id card both sides. If your present address is different than the address printed on the back of your national id card, you need to submit a certificate(citizenship or so) from the ward commissioner or city corporation or local bodies like union parishad or municipality coroporation or upazilla parishad.
  2. proof of profession. If you are a student, you need to submit a letter/certificate from your institution or head of your department. For technical profession like engineer, doctor etc., you may submit your professional degree certificate’s attested photocopy. If you are employed, you need to submit a letter/certificate from the employer(your department head or human resource department) in the official pad with seal.


As of December 2012, fee for regular 30 day service is 3000 taka and fee for express 9 day service is 6000 taka.

The applicant or on behalf of him/her, someone has to submit the necessary fee in the designated branches of Sonali bank. On the bank write down the deposit slip(reddis colour form) with the name that is to be appeared in the applicant’s passport. The bank will take 10 taka commission per application. Make sure the serial no and stamp of the booth are given in the customer copy of the slip.


Sonali bank Uttara model town branch has set up a passport application booth in a separate building close to the branch. The address is : House no115 , Road 7, east side road passing Bay Emporium shop, Sector 4, Uttara, Dhaka 1230, Bangladesh


Staple the deposit slip provided from the bank as a proof fee payment on the top middle or topright corner.


If you have old hand written passport(still have time or expired), during the application for the machine readable passport, you need to tickmark new because its your new Machine readable passport!


Emergency could be anyone close to you. If the emergency contact person is your father, in the relationship write father and so on.


Bring all the original documents that you are going to submit attested photocopy during the submission of the application form. If you have old passport, make sure to bring it in.


If you have more than one book of original passport, in the form item of previous passport no, at the top write down the latest one, then in chronological order write down other passport books no. Same should be done in the form item of where the previous passport was issued. You need to submit first nine pages of your older passport with your application.


The procedure including finger print and photo in the Passport office


When you go to the passport office, first you need to show all your documents to a desk where the staff will check the documents and issue you a serial no.


Then the application form will be passed on to chief on that office for signature. After signature is done, you need to go to data entry counter or room. There some basic information of your passport will be entered into the computer file. You will be given a print out of the data entered into the file. Make sure to check  whether the information entered is correct.


Lastly you will be directed to a photo and finger taking room. Here the staff will take your finger print(thumb finger and index finger of both hands). A photograph will be taken using digital camera attached to the computer. If you wear white dress, your photo will not be taken. You need to sign on the digital signature pad as well with the electronic pen. After completion of photograph and finger print taking, you need to sign to a print out given. You will be given one print out to bring in during collection of your passport. It is also advised to bring old passport books during the collection so that a stamp would be printed on those that they are now cancelled against the new one.


A text message (SMS) will be sent to your mobile when the passport is ready for collection.



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